Judge ordered council vote on Jim Doyle possible Wednesday

The City Council meeting this Wednesday evening may feature one first: a vote of all members on the matter of Jim Doyle’s council appointment.

With the rejection in a one word response “denied” by the NJ Appellate Court judges to hold off on the court ordered vote, the council meeting may finally see the first vote of all eight council members at the same meeting. 
Further direction leading into Wednesday’s council meeting could come in the form of a conference call with Hudson County Assignment Judge Peter Bariso who called for the vote in a court order last month.
Since October, when the first vote was held, all council members have attended every meeting except the two that month denying Doyle a full vote of all eight current members.  Tim Occhipinti came late to the last meeting with Council members Michael Russo and Beth Mason absent in consecutive October meetings when the Doyle saga began.
Hudson County Assignment Judge Peter Bariso’s call for all members to vote is the outstanding legal order.  On Wednesday night, Jim Doyle will most likely be in attendance and could witness a vote of all members.  The council can vote yes, no, present or abstain.  Those who vote present can see that vote counted as a yes and an abstain vote would be counted as a “no.”
The abstain vote counting as a no will likely become the next legal obstruction effort to stave off a reform oriented council member in the form of Jim Doyle replacing former councilwoman Carol Marsh who resigned last fall due to personal family issues.
The Old Guard council members heavily invested in litigation to neutralize the reform swing seat are expected to again complain of “irreparable harm” in some form or another even with a tie breaking vote legally decided by Mayor Dawn Zimmer who should be on hand if needed to break any tie.
Long time Hoboken activist Jim Doyle has patiently attended every council meeting
awaiting a full vote of the council as ordered by Assignment Judge Peter Bariso.
An appeal to overturn Bariso’s order was rejected.
Talking Ed Note: Hoboken is one step closer to seeing the return of a full working council but it doesn’t get the money back for the legal obstruction tactics by the Old Guard council.  
In other news, Michael Russo’s Jersey City lunch time pal Maher Khalil was sentenced to 30 months  in federal prison for his role in Operation Bid Rig III.  Maher was an attendee at the infamous lunch where he acted as the bagman for Solomon Dwek with his take being $72,500.
Russo who directed Khalil to make an initial payment of $5,000 to his Russo for Hoboken account has declined to make public the full bank records of his 2009 campaign account.  A limited review solely to the editors of the Hudson Reporter produced a report with an incorrect account balance leaving more questions than answers.
While the FBI’s Operation Bid Rig III investigation is all but over, the investigation into the Hoboken Data Theft Ring where tens of thousands of emails in and out of the mayor’s office is not.

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