Joshua Sotomayor Einstein is ‘Chasing Amy’

The following is a guest submission courtesy of Hoboken resident Joshua Sotomayor Einstein.

Hudson Dem Chair Challenged to Debate by GOP State Committeeman Sotomayor Einstein
Amy DeGise

Joshua Sotomayor Einstein, NJ GOP State Committeeman challenged Hudson Democrat Chairwoman Amy DeGise to debate in a letter published on July 30thin the Hudson County View. The, as-of-yet unanswered, debate challenge was precipitated by what Sotomayor Einstein, a grassroots community leader, called “a nihilistic anti-police movement for rioting and destruction from the Democrat leadership and the extremists they protect.” He continued, “the Democrat leadership, nationally and in Hudson County, has categorically refused to acknowledge the fact that there has been chaos across the nation because the riots have been orchestrated by the radical left and the uptick in violence is a direct result of Democrat policies of demonizing law enforcement and releasing violent criminals onto the streets.”
Indeed, from the release of convicted criminals to taking down statues of Christopher Columbus, defunding the police to appeasing Chinawhitewashing rioting and crime, and encouraging cancel culture, the Hudson County Democrats seem content to follow to the extremist left down the rabbit hole of destruction. Prominent Democrat leaders in Hudson County have not rebutted calls to defund the police, that “all cops are bastards”, to take down county statues of Columbus, or to destroy Israel; all stances advocated for at recent rallies across Hudson County that many of the county Democrat leadership attended.
“It’s little surprise that DeGise can’t reply to the debate challenge, the county Democrats don’t want to be held accountable for endorsing the orgy of hate and venom coming from the extremists in their base,” said Sotomayor Einstein. He continued, “regardless of whether she can or cannot defend the indefensible, the people of Hudson county deserve leadership unafraid to discuss the issues facing our county and nation.”

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