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Dear Horsey & MSV readers —

Recently, at a meet and greet for Mayor Zimmer and her Council Team, a long-time supporter of the Mayor asked how I got involved with her campaign. The exact question was more like, “How did you discover Dawn and the Zimmer Team?”

Discovering Mayor Zimmer and her great work wasn’t difficult.  Immediately, her response to Superstorm Sandy comes to mind and to be fair that’s when the Mayor secured my vote. But beyond my vote, what really pushed me to get involved is pretty simple—I love Hoboken!

Maddy2.JPGTwo years ago, I moved to Hoboken from Philadelphia in order to pursue a career in marketing.  After landing a great job, I started searching for a community which I could make my home.  I knew what I was looking for.  I wanted a young, vibrant, urban community in which I could pursue my interests: running, a shop-local culture, exciting night life that goes beyond just bars, and a place where I could be safe as young female professional.

Now, two years later, I know I found my home not only for my post-college days, but a home for my future.  As I invest more and more in this amazing community, I am confident that this is the place where I can raise a family, open a business, and make a life.  
I believe that Mayor Zimmer and her Team will provide the leadership that will make all of these goals a reality. Please join me by volunteering a few hours on election day to help re-elect Mayor Zimmer and the entire Zimmer Team.
I am inspired by the commitment that the whole team — who I now know as just Dave, Ravi and Jim— share on addressing critical issues, like quality of life, family housing, parks, the hospital, and most important of all their clear plan to protect Hoboken from the next storm.

See you out there!
Madelyn Sminkey
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