John Keim host of “Friends of Beth Mason” political committee attacks the mayor

The Hudson Reporter published the letter below last weekend from the resident host of the “Friends of Beth Mason” political committee John Keim.  His residence is the listed address for the ongoing political group where at least $13,000 (possibly far more) was routed to Tim Occhipinti’s notorious 2010 campaign where almost 500 (VBM) absentee ballots were submitted leading to signed affidavits of paid voter fraud finding their way to the NJ Attorney General’s Office for investigation.

Most recently, this same Beth Mason political committee was the source of illicit donations to the Move Forward Nazi Truck campaign as stated by the City attorney.  On  a Hoboken Patch story, Keim was questioned if the illegal monies had been returned from the “Friends of Beth Mason” political committee but offered no answer.

Beth Mason has deemed her known thousands of dollars in campaign contributions legal because she says so even though it directly conflicts with the pay-to-play ordinance passed in Hoboken back in 2011.

At the time of its passage, Mason and Tim Occhipinti called the proposed ordinance unconstitutional.  A similar ordinance had been passed in several parts of New Jersey and has never been successfully challenged as unconstitutional.

In the face of these facts, John Keim has declared the Hoboken pay-to-play ordinance illegal.

Beth Mason said so, don’t ya know.

John Keim (l) stands next to Michele Russo on Old Guard Row with Matt Calicchio & Ines Garcia Keim last February.  They came out to fight against BoE elections in November.  The measure passed leading to higher turnout as predicted here (and as they feared) last fall.

John Keim’s letter:

Dear Editor:

Recently, Hank Forrest wrote a letter regarding the ineptitude of Hoboken’s current administration. Mayor Zimmer has big ideas – instead of maintaining our streets and fixing potholes she wants the City Council to bond for huge urban re-engineering projects. This week she announced her plan to stop a repeat of the Sandy situation by walling off Hoboken. When she was first elected, we were going to have four flood pumps. Three and a half years into her term, we have one. Four years ago, the soccer field fell into the Hudson River. It’s still there – Mayor Zimmer is now building a new one at 1600 Park (whereas when part of Sinatra Drive administered by the county fell into the river the Hudson County government got it fixed within six months).

Sandy may have been the precursor to more “storm surge” driven flooding but most of the flooding Hoboken has historically seen is the result of a combination of rainwater and groundwater seeping up, not the river overflowing its banks.

Other than being a boondoggle for the firms this administration likes to hire, the only positive thing about Mayor Zimmer’s flood wall plan is that under normal Hoboken flooding conditions she will finally deliver a city-wide municipal swimming pool. Just another of the big projects she likes to advocate to cover the fact she has been unable to perform the real duties of maintaining our city.

John Keim

Talking Ed Note: This letter comes not long after the political operation outing Tim Occhipinti’s pothole letter which MSV showed had been crafted by Whitehorse Strategies.  It follows the political line offering cover for Beth Mason who voted against repaving Washington St., an overwhelmingly popular idea not one resident spoke against before the City Council last summer.

The point of the letter isn’t fact, it’s an attempt to create confusion on that issue among others.
In short, it’s pure, unadulterated Masonista propaganda.

It compares the far smaller county million dollar effort to repair the sinkhole on Sinatra Drive to the massive acres sized damages at Sinatra Park where faulty construction approved by ex-mayor and felon Mayor Anthony Russo will cost more than $10 million to repair.

The mayor never advocated as far as we know for four flood pumps, considering the costs would be in the tens of millions of dollars but Keim ascribes it to her as established fact.

The last piece of pure Masonista propaganda tossed in is the idea of a “municipal swimming pool” a broken promise made by developers to the City of Hoboken long before Mayor Zimmer became mayor.

According to Keim, this like the other straw men are Mayor Zimmer’s fault.

As with Tim Occhipinti’s pothole letter, how many hands do you think this politically crafted letter went through?

Witness the spate of less than accurate anti-Zimmer letters being published by the Hudson Reporter editors in recent weeks.  Their anti-Zimmer efforts have ramped up early in the election cycle with the obvious intent to knock down the mayor’s high approval ratings.

Do you think the editors of the Hoboken Reporter should note John Keim is hosting its sponsor Beth Mason’s ongoing political committee? They should have at a minimum fact checked the letter.

Expect the Old Guard paper’s efforts to continue if not increase in Hoboken’s election season.
It’s obviously well underway.

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