JNESO, P3 and Beth Mason united in effort against Holdco

Even thought the time for bids on the Hoboken University Medical Center is long past, the effort to continue arguing the matter continues.

Yesterday the Hudson Reporter had a statement from one of the losing bidders, P3 – the group who allowed their non-disclosure agreement to become public and saw the City of Hoboken release theirs this week.  The release of that bid along with that of Jersey City Medical Center made it clear in any objective reading that Holdco’s bid was far and away superior and the only one meeting all the criteria set out by the Hospital Authority.

The financing issue has been one past and present for P3 although they continue to claim if they get one more opportunity they will demonstrate adequate financing capability.

With the bidding long ended in 2010, why the continued push from P3?  Part of the answer points again to Councilwoman Beth Mason.  Her favored and heavily censored website Hoboken411 pushed the idea P3 got a raw deal again this week.  Of course the actual bids and the City’s response were not published – that’s keeping with the Beth Mason standards of restricted speech, re: propaganda.

 The efforts between the nurse’s union JNESO and Councilwoman Beth Mason to block the bid by Holdco and push P3 as a solution is evidenced this time in a letter of endorsement by the union seen in their actual bid.

Other than the continuing propaganda battle through Mason’s own releases pushing P3, (outside of the legitimate legal process) the group’s actual bid contained a letter of support from JNESO’s Executive Director Virginia Treacy.

This even though the group has yet to win one bid on a hospital.  Their claims to this point like their financing remain theoretical.

P3 JNESO Letter

Talking Ed Note: While the bidding battle is over and all but meaningless for this hospital, it’s part and parcel of the continued Beth Mason propaganda war to muddy the winner Holdco.  Not being satisfied with the effort at killing the hospital, this is all that’s left in her bag of tricks.

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