Jewish Hoboken resident/writer accused by Mike Russo of anti-semitism

Last night’s City Council was a rather low key affair with the waterfront emergency resolution being unanimously passed – the main highlight of the night.

Rumors though had been circulating recently that the obsession of one Councilwoman Beth Mason shill, her ubermensch supporter Lane Bajardi who has been obsessed with a local blog competing with the manifesto of lies he’s said to scribe at Hoboken411 would come to a head.  With mini easel and mini stand at hand, out trotted Bajardi with yet another graphic he finds disagreeable, free speech be damned.  According to him and co-conspirator Councilman Mike Russo, speech they do not approve of should lead to disbarment in serving on an unpaid, unrelated Hoboken board position.

This was not a surprise.  The new Council majority was anticipated to have some power plays coming.  One has yet to materialize but received wide attention that rules would be bent or changed seeing Councilwoman Beth Mason seize the City Council President’s chair from current President Carol Marsh.  In an interview with the Jersey Journal Mason would neither confirm nor deny it only replying, “I don’t know,” to the question posed by reporter Katie Colaneri.

Is pointing out a shill anti-Semitic because of
similarity to a 1934 Nazi movie poster? 

The conjecture just beneath item #1, let’s call this #1a said the new council majority would try to find a way to silence Grafix Avenger, an especially pointed and effective site for political satire on the Hoboken scene who also holds a seat on the all important Hoboken Zoning Board.  (Call it a bonus to get another Council  appointment to overturn the current moderate scale majority there now.)

Counted among her recent converts who has not bought into the non-stop propaganda against her by the Hoboken411 minion among other Mason political operatives (Fin Boy where you at) is Al Sullivan, columnist for the Hudson Reporter.  Mr. Sullivan discovered the work on the Grafix Avenger site himself, and recently worked jointly with the Grafix Avenger on material appearing on her website.  Obviously Mr. Sullivan understands the value of political satire and also knows there will be lines approached or even crossed over on occasion.

But is that truly the case here?  Strangely, it’s a Jewish woman being accused of anti-semitism who comes from a family of Holocaust victims.  Councilwoman Mason is of Italian origin and converted to Judaism but her shill is saying she’s a victim – of a graphic; there’s no context to her piece whatsoever just a supposition by someone who is obsessed with silencing her over months.  Political correctness suggests we are to take it on face value Beth Mason is a victim of anti-semitism.  Let’s look closer and see who’s trading on what poison here.

First, how how does one define shill, the key here to the graphic featuring Councilwoman Beth Mason with the clear subset her shill being Tim Occhipinti?  According to

One who poses as a satisfied customer or an enthusiastic gambler to dupe bystanders into participating in a swindle.

v., shilled, shill·ing, shills.

To act as a shill.

  1. To act as a shill for (a deceitful enterprise).
  2. To lure (a person) into a swindle.

After Tim Occhipinti’s spellbinding “binder performance” at the Jubilee Center debate, the idea he was a shill for others was no longer just a theory.  There were legitimate questions who he was shilling for (and whoever wrote his word for word script) as his whole campaign was based on the deception he was “independent.”  The whole gang of Occhipinti’s old guard supporters in fact were present last night from Maurice Fitzgibbons to Michelle Russo and even absentee ballot manufacturing specialist Ryan Yatko who worked for Beth Mason in her absentee/street money mayoral campaign and was briefly on Tim Occhipinti’s campaign before word of a funding issue led him to departing.

Lane Bajardi: trading in his poison of
bottomless hypocrisy yet again

Back to the heart of our suppression of free speech issue here.  Since when does barbed political satire with some graphic elements similar to an old movie poster become grounds to remove someone for their work in a non-paying board position?  What kind of suppression is being advocated here?

This orchestrated attack on free speech is utter nonsense but maybe this is the new image underway of the Russo-Mason City Council majority.  What should we expect from yet another coordinated attack on Grafix Avenger from the ceaseless propagandist Lane Bajardi, this time teaming up with Councilman Mike Russo to shill for Beth Mason.  Yes, shill would be the correct identifier, not the Nazi speeches as depicted in the original movie, “Triumph of the Will.”

The actual and accurate movie poster from the 1934 film.

How is it possible anyone can justify trying to remove a board member for political satire using an element from a 1934 movie poster?  What difference does it make if the movie poster satirized is from a Nazi filmmaker or even a Communist one?  Is one totalitarian movie poster off limits over another?  What filmmaker’s movie poster satirized today using any element from the early 1930s version can possibly be used to limit any one’s free speech completely unconnected to their public service?

Lane Bajardi’s notorious hate speech and cowardly attacks on Hoboken residents while ghostwriting on Hoboken411 (we’ve yet to hear he’s denied it even once) is especially distasteful but cowardice is not a reason to silence his free speech rights to shill for Beth Mason as much as he likes and as often as he wants, no matter how distasteful.

The plan here, orchestrated by Bajardi and his best and maybe only friend Councilman Russo is clearly an attempt to silence someone who has effectively lampooned elected officials who frankly have been less than accountable for their grandstanding and outright lies to the Hoboken community.  That they have become the targets of satirical scorn by Grafix Avenger comes with that accountability to the community.  Is Grafix Avenger’s accountability on the same scale or should her free speech rights become subsumed by the bottomless hypocrisy of Beth Mason’s full time unemployed political operative?

Serving on any unpaid Hoboken board position in no way strips you of your Constitutional free speech rights.  The Corporation Council wisely advised this is a slippery slope but as Councilman Mike Russo mutters agreeably in the background in the clip above, he’s obviously already made up his mind in this little conspiracy hatched earlier.

Now who wants to try to explain to these folks on the City Council what real fascism is?  That body is already about to jump right into the fascism pit themselves.  What Grafix Avenger exposed and ruthlessly so was an obvious truth coming to light during the campaign Tim Occhipinti is not independent.  The graphic is saying he is a shill, a shill for Beth Mason.  It has absolutely nothing to do with promoting anti-semitic imagery or anti-semitic.  The graphic is using elements from a movie famous for its use of propaganda.  Is it edgy and maybe subject to false interpretation?  Yes, but that’s where the similarity begins and ends.

The poison being pushed here comes way of an unemployed radio “journalist” who knows no bounds when it comes to hypocrisy on the matter of free speech.  The idea a Jewish woman who lost family in the Holocaust is making an anti-semitic statement or promoting anti-semitic imagery as stated by Councilman Mike Russo is completely spurious.

Ironically Councilwoman Beth Mason never said a word about any of this.  She didn’t have to.  She had others shilling for her.

Talking Ed note:  Another recent rumor recently came our way is Lane Bajardi seeks a Hoboken Zoning Board seat for himself.  What better way to earn support from from his Russo-Mason allies than to create one by destroying someone he views as a political opponent who needs to be suppressed.

Lane Bajardi who lives with the Municipal Garage right behind his condo was the appointed chair of the Observer Highway Commission by former mayor Dave Roberts.  In that role he advocated the Municipal Garage be sold and moved away from its current location when there was no clear destination – a clear benefit to his condo value and an obvious conflict of interest.

Bajardi’s recent attempts to sabotage the city’s efforts on identifying a temporary site for the Municipal Garage is now also part of the record.  It’s more than ironic it led to the City reclaiming the original site.  He recently complained in the City Council about the noise from city vehicles at the Municipal Garage. You don’t say.

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