Jessica Coco speaks out on possible HHA improprieties risking “further retaliation”

Jessica Coco who has been in the hospital recently for pulmonary problems bravely stood in a packed room of HHA residents and neighbors to recount her concerns about possible theft from the HHA and the recent history of outrageous expenditures under HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.

Beginning her comments, she relayed concerns speaking directly to why the HHA special meeting was actually called “to discuss possible improprieties in the HHA, possible theft of the public monies, monies being taken from HHA residents and possibly being misused for private gain.” She would follow saying:

“I know coming here would put me at further risk of retaliation.”           
                                                                                          Jessica Coco

As Coco listed previous expenditures in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in what she described as outrageous and improbable charges, Carmelo Garcia turned to HHA counsel Charles Daglian laughing.

Talking Ed Note: More than one person was overheard saying at meeting’s end how brave Jessica Coco was for attending the meeting and publicly making her voice heard.  After she did, she was promptly attacked by not one but two “tenant advocates” in the HHA. One was interrupted for starting trouble at the end of the meeting and saying she would “see her outside.”
MSV immediately stepped in from all of three feet to say leave her alone. An African American man about 6’4″ 330 pounds (and rumored HHA employee) then leaned over from behind ominously saying, “Mind your own business.”
That didn’t stop this horse and the implied threat was halted right then and there as Beth Mason voiced displeasure standing with paid staff, unhappy with the intervention.

Fortunately, a police officer was standing two feet to the right and no further incidents followed.  (Captain Eddie Garcia and the HPD in attendance deserve recognition for their fine efforts, along with the security staff at City Hall for a job exceedingly well done.)

Many of the HHA residents in attendance were actually respectful during Coco’s comments and can be heard urging decorum to hear Coco’s remarks. These were people conned into attending based on the Carmelo Garcia’s false flag flyer. They truly believed they were there on an issue of their homes being  threatened.
Coco said she felt safe enough to attend the meeting – filled to capacity in the City Council chambers, something she does not feel is possible in regular HHA venues. Anthony “Stick” Romano talked about concerns from residents the meeting was held in the City Council chambers but the decorum at this meeting far exceeded recent others and the capacity was maxed out.

It shouldn’t be understated the bravery of this one woman in the HHA standing up. This is unheard of with the abuse of women historically within the agency and the criminality she’s faced only makes it more evident not less.

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