Jersey City press conference on the criminal shooting leaving six dead including one JC police officer, three civilians and two alleged perpetrators

An alleged targeted attack possibly arising out of a homicide investigation led to an afternoon shootout in Jersey City yesterday leaving six dead.

Of those, one was a 17-year Jersey City police officer, Joe Seals. Three victims are civilians caught in a deli when the gunmen took over the location. The alleged perpetrators were reported dead on the scene.

Preliminary police sources identified the two alleged perpetrators as male after earlier reports suggested it was one man and one woman dressed in black.

The original site of the encounter took place at a cemetery and moved to MLK Drive.  This preliminary police information was later corrected as seen in video of the attack where the van slowly entered the area and parked directly prior to the staged attack. Mayor Steve Fulop is calling this incident a targeted attack.

This is the late presser by Fox 5: 

Related: The NY Post today identified the alleged perpetrators and one’s ties to a group called the Black Israelites. The same group came to national prominence when seen on video yelling at the Covington Kids visiting DC calling them “white crackers,” and “incest kids” among other names as reported in USA Today.

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