Jen Giattino: With your help we’re taking the 6th ward

Jen Giattino for Council announces:

Greetings from Jen Giattino for City Council
Dear Friends: 
As we move into the last week of the campaign, I want to
thank all of you for your emails of support, donations and
offers to volunteer.
Taking on an entrenched incumbent with ties to the Hudson
County political machine has been no easy task.  We saw their
machine antics backfire when an operative stole our campaign
signs from a local dry cleaner.

It’s been said that our ward is considered “the quiet ward.”
But don’t let Nino’s quiet demeanor fool you.  Over the past

ten years, he’s “quietly” voted for and against the same issues
time and time again.
Flip flopping, Giacchi voted for corner cars, then he voted
against it.  He was against the 20 million dollar bond for parks, then he recently voted for it.  
We need a councilperson to vote in step with their constituents
not how the council majority is leading him.

After years of fiscal mismanagement, we finally have a mayor

that has put us on solid fiscal ground.
But our opponents, led by Nino, want to raid our surplus and
spend that money.  If this happens, we’ll go back to the days
when we created ponzi scheme-like budgets that raided our
funds for parks, children and seniors, while obscenely
increasing our spending and masking our deficits.  
When the bill came due our taxes were raised 47% – the
biggest tax increase in Hoboken history. We literally
can’t afford policies that will rip off homeowners and
increase our taxes.  

As for me, I’ll always remain consistent on the issues.  

We need to cut spending first, lower our taxes, repair
Sinatra Field, provide for more open space and rid
ourselves of patronage once and for all.

How can you help?

This election is important to us all, and I do need your help.
If you can make phone calls, hang up signs in your home,
campaign with me or help out on election day, please email
This is truly a grass roots effort, and I couldn’t do it without
your help, support and dedication.
Jennifer Giattino

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