Jen Giattino: ‘Why I will be Hoboken’s next mayor’

In an interview with the Hudson County View on Friday, City Council President Jen Giattino explains how her unexpected mayoral candidacy occurred, the Suez $8.35 million liability uncovered in recent days and why she will win in November and become Hoboken’s next mayor.

Talking Ed Note: In this interview, Hoboken learns why Jen Giattino is surging among the main mayoral candidates. She’s a straight shooter. There’s no “political speak” or the usual hedging one sees in political candidates.

It’s the same reason most Reform council allies are backing her mayoral candidacy and/or sought to be on her council at-large ticket.

Jen Giattino, as a mayoral candidate before her says she will not see to use Hoboken as a stepping-stone to move up the ladder. It’s one of the clear differences between her and Councilman Ravi Bhalla. The model she’s following? Dawn Zimmer.

The other universal trait shared by friends and rivals alike: trustability. Jen Giattino is liked and trusted by people who are and were both friend and foe.

Among the issues, it’s the Suez water vendor front and center. Giattino says some questions were answered by the Zimmer administration but not others. She said it was August when some members of the council first learned of the unfunded $8.35 million liability. Efforts to obtain the information before the last council meeting didn’t occur and the letter from the city auditor was oddly “very brief.”

How is the $10 million liability being paid? It’s a rhetorical question where Giattino points to payment being made in the future by Hoboken residents.

Giattino talks about the grass root community support she’s seeing across Hoboken old and new pointing to that support as the reason she will win the November election for mayor.

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