Jen Giattino: Join My Team This Weekend!

Official release:

MSV readers,

It’s time!!  The push to November 7th is now.  To make it happen, it’s your time (and support) that we count on. 

We have been out campaigning all around the city this summer.  We submitted nearly 1,800 nominating petitions for Team Giattino last week and we opened our campaign HQ at 152 Newark St.  Come see us!

This week and especially this coming weekend we have plans to spread the word even further.  To do this, we need your help knocking on doors and handing out literature throughout the city to let people know how important it is to elect my team on November 7th.

Never knocked on doors before?  It’s really fun!  Especially with experienced doorknockers to go with you.  My entire team and other local active community members will be canvassing this weekend and will be happy to join you.    You can bring your children and even focus on your own neighborhood.  Whatever is most convenient or comfortable for you – we can come to you! 

Still not sure?  Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, an experienced and enthusiastic canvasser, will host “Canvassing 101” training sessions to help get you more comfortable and answer questions you may have like:
“What is the first thing you say when they open the door?” or
“What if they ask me a question I do not know the answer to?” or even
“If I don’t like door knocking, are there other ways I can help reach the voters in my neighborhood?”   

Whether you have knocked on doors before or not, please plan to come to one of the sessions.  She will host three, one-hour training sessions this week, all conveniently located at our HQ at 152 Newark St.:  6:30 pm on Thursday, 9:00 am on Saturday and 10:00 am on Sunday.   

Can you give just a couple hours after work or this weekend to help get out the message with us?  Bring a friend or two to HQ on Saturday or Sunday for two hour shifts at: 10am, Noon, 2pm or 4pm and let’s leave no doubt about who will be the next Mayor of Hoboken. 

Two other things you can do that take even less time:
1. Take a Team Giattino sign and hang in your window.  Team Giattino window signs are increasing throughout the city.  But there is always room for more.  Pick up your sign this weekend.  

2. Share my posts on Facebook and ask your friends to “like” my page.  Please do this by going to my page (link here), and clicking the “invite friends” link and inviting all of your Facebook friends to like my page.

Please call or text either Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher at 201-208-1674 or Ann Graham at 201-424 -0485 or send an email to to schedule your time to help us canvass this weekend, RSVP for “Canvassing 101” training, and/or to request a sign – we deliver!  Or expect a call from one of us!

Thank you so much to everyone who has reached out and who has already volunteered.  We are excited to see more of you this weekend!!
–  Jen

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