JC Councilman joins Councilman Mike DeFusco: Restore full ferry service in Jersey City & Hoboken

Official release:

Councilmen Solomon & DeFusco Call for NY Waterway to Restore Ferry Service in Downtown Jersey City & Hoboken
Jersey City & Hoboken, NJ – Jersey City Ward E Councilman James Solomon and Hoboken First Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco are each calling on New York Waterway to restore ferry service that has recently been cut as the company has consolidated routes in both Downtown Jersey City and Hoboken. The changes have resulted in service being reduced from three round trips per hour to two, causing overcrowding and long lines on ferry boats back and forth from both cities to Manhattan.
“Thousands of Downtown Jersey City residents rely on ferry service to commute to and from work in Manhattan, and any reduction in service just means even more crowding on PATH and buses that are already packed,” said Councilman Solomon. “NY Waterway has been a valued partner in Jersey City’s growth, and though I support optimizing routes and sharing service with Hoboken, adding back the third trip per hour will greatly improve the new combined route. It’s up to local leaders and commuters to make their voices heard on this issue to demand better service for both Jersey City and Hoboken.”
The Hoboken City Council passed a resolution recently that was sponsored by Councilman DeFusco uring NY Waterway to consider options to restore service frequency as well as make access to ferry more accessible by instituting shuttle vans and waiving the fee for bikes. A copy of the resolution is attached.  

The service cuts follow the city’s highly publicized legal battle to obtain the Union Dry Dock property, which NY Waterway is now using as a dock for ferry boats after vacating its former property in Weehawken.
“With PATH and bus service growing increasingly more crowded, ferry service is an essential mode of transportation for Hoboken residents,” said Councilman DeFusco. “I previously expressed concern that the City’s attempt to acquire Union Dry Dock may result in retaliation from the ferry provider in the form of reduced service, and now it appears that this is what we’re seeing. It’s time for the City and NY Waterway to stop pointing fingers and start working together for the benefit of everyday commuters who are now being impacted by this failure to cooperate.”

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