Janet DeGennaro – Thanks Officer Bret Globke

This letter is from Mo DeGennaro’s wife Janet.  Mo is scheduled to come off intensive care this evening.  His family appreciates everyone who has prayed on his behalf.

Thanks for life saving service
Dear Editor:
On behalf of the family of Maurice ‘Mo’ DeGennaro, please accept this as my sincere thanks for the live saving procedures performed by Hoboken Police Officer Bret Globke and the Amcor Ambulance personnel who attended to my husband ‘Mo’ in a most professional manner while he was unconscious and had already turned a purple color.
Without their timely intervention, the staff at Hoboken University Hospital would not have had a chance to follow up with their excellent intensive care for ‘Mo’ who was in a critical state.
Now after more than a week in very serious condition, his condition has been stabilized and he appears to be on the road to recovery. Again, thanks for this great team effort and the leadership displayed by P.O. Bret Globke.
Janet DeGennaro

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