Jake Stuiver elected HHA Chairman in 4-2 vote

In a meeting running several hours, the Hoboken Housing Authority elected to vote on its reorganization after the involuntary resignation of Marianne Camporeale led to a new commissioner joining the board.

The new commissioner Greg Lincoln voted in favor of HHA commissioner Jake Stuiver and was joined by commissioners Judy Burrell and Dave Mello making the change.  Jeanne Rodriguez has served as chair for the four past years.

Marianne Camporeale sat in the first row during the whole meeting periodically  launching verbal bombs at Jake Stuiver.  “Slimy snake, that’s what you are,” she yelled.

As another reorg vote was weighed, one HHA resident Gail Johnson voiced, “I like Jake; he’s alright!”  Camporeale did not agree yelling out in reply, “No he’s not; he’s a snake.  Okay Carmelo, I’ll be good for you” in a side nod to Executive Director Carmelo Garcia who urged her restraint from heckling.

“I’ll be back up there,” Camporeale vowed aloud.

The actual motions leading into the vote.  HHA commissioner Rob Davis was not able to stay to the end of the meeting due to work responsibilities.

Talking Ed Note: The several hour meeting was often contentious with various residents yelling out during the meeting and others who were not residents creating a ruckus. In the end before and after the vote, the meeting was more subdued.

We’ll add more on the meeting later.

The first phase of the 20/20 plan was presented to the HHA board by HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.  It was met with strong skepticism by commissioner Dave Mello who voiced concern on the vastly increased density and the impact on families with no open space.

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Camporeale made remarks during public portion:

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