Jackson St. & Observer: You’re just like crosstown traffic

Some of you may have said at one point or another you listen to Jimmy but have you ever asked yourself; do you actually hear Jimmy?

A similar question may be posed to the City of Hoboken where a concept plan to improve the critical southwest entry point has become gridlock city to many motorists attempting to re-enter during rush hour.

A resolution proposing easier access via Observer and Jackson Street has been stymied since proposed early this year. A study requiring answers may not have provided much of same and the critical question is when or if the low cost solution will be put in place offering downtown crosstown traffic any relief.

All those questions and more will be the focus of an upcoming story. The resolution co-sponsored by council members Ruben Ramos and Mike DeFusco passed 6-2 at the August council meeting. Now what?

In the meantime, see if you can hear Jimmy.

Jimi Hendrix – Crosstown Traffic by hushhush112

You’re just like crosstown traffic, so hard to get through to you.
Crosstown traffic, I don’t need to run over you.
Crosstown traffic, all you do is slow me down
And I’m trying to get on the other side of town.

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