It’s not to late to sing, sing a song

The FBI’s criminal complaint in the Patrick Ricciardi case heralds the next shoes to drop but the trail of shoes to follow may be more messy than ploughing through Imelda Marcos’ closet.

Humorous twitters are now showing up as this one:

Then there is this from Patrick Ricciardi’s ex-wife on

MSV extended an invitation to discuss in more detail and some Old Guard forces promptly interjected in an attempt to convince us not to communicate with each other.

There’s more on this at the Hoboken Now thread, but be forewarned, it’s not pretty:

Meanwhile MSV has made progress on the current FBI case and shared it yesterday in Premium Content.

There’s at least one good guy who blew the whistle and it’s not too late for others to come clean before the line at the door makes for a messy pileup of “Let’s make a deal” in Newark.

When they come to your door, it may be far too late.

Did you make the call yet?  Don’t be late.

FBI: (973) 792-3000

Where the crime clock never stops

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