It’s December, do you know where your Frog Marchers are?

With all the Occupy “I wanna park illegally” noise cavorting on the Hoboken blogosphere, one would think there’s nothing more important in Hoboken than a valiant battle waged to park in bus stops, on yellow lines and by hydrants to create the mother of all distractions.

Grafix Avenger notes the stupendous failure to get the Occupy HP off the ground and the utter loony ravings of the dwindling Mason fringe who seem to have collectively lost their medication at the same time within the last couple of days.

MSV has noted the insanity, the rantings and lunacy and finds the timing all the more amusing.

It’s December.  Are you Frog Marchers ready?  It’s getting to that time.

Hey Frog marchers are you ready?  It’s just about that time.

Talking Ed Note:  Some people think they are invulnerable and others just can’t bear to see the scales of justice countered for their actions.

MSV would like to extend its gratitude from both ourselves (re: Executive Publisher Jimmy the K, Mrs. K), and our thousands of regular readers to the men and women in the FBI and US Attorney’s Office who work tirelessly on behalf of the Republic surrendering much family time we all take for granted on nights, holidays and weekends.

With special thanks to US Attorney Paul J. Fishman, the FBI Cyber Crimes Task Force led by Special Agent in Charge Michael B. Ward in Newark and the the legal leadership of Assistant U.S. Attorney Zach Intrater in the Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property Section of the Economic Crimes Unit in Newark.


Oh how we love the Boys (and gals) of Summer in Hoboken, yes we do.

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