It’s baaack. The full movie – James B, downfall of a wannabe shark

Due to the complaints of outrage about the exposure of a Weehawken political operative and his Hoboken and Hudson County clients, MSV has been forced to remove the original video.  Sorry, just kidding.

Perhaps no story has created such strong feedback albeit of the private nature than this political satire unveiling the dirty deeds of a Weehawken political operative against Hoboken residents.  The howls of laughter can be heard across the whole town.

Due to technical issues, the previous version of the movie was incomplete in its second iteration to fit within youtube parameters.  Now without further comment, here is the soon to be cult classic, “James B, Downfall of a Wannabe Shark,” starring James B and Bet Mazin.

James B of Weehawken and Bet Mazin – Downfall of a wannabe shark

Hey James, call me and let’s do an interview.


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