It’s alive! Add upper Washington St. to those powered up

November 4, 2012 – Hoboken 12:00 noon

In the last half hour the reports have been flooding upper Washington Street has joined the list of areas powered up by PSE&G.

The efforts by PSE&G joined by numerous other electric company professionals brought in from around the country continued all though the night.  A press release noted the challenges in the area and especially in Hoboken with substations damaged in several feet of water.

Upper Washington Street – dark no more.  Power came on minutes earlier.

Talking Ed Note: A reliable source confirming the lights coming on also ran into people on the streets handing out invitations to the Move Forward Nazi truck backed Mason headquarters on 12th and Washington.

Some speculation for the assault by Mason’s operatives at that location yesterday wonder if the reports coming from both sides about numerous soggy VBM (absentee) ballots may have triggered the violent action with Beth Mason standing by doing nothing.  Were illegal ballots being dried out inside?

There’s apparently widespread upset among the Old Guard their illicit VBM operation may be ruined.

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