Isolated and out in the cold Beth Mason plays for rehabilitation as the Feds linger

Hope springs eternal and for politicians and their bag of tricks, rehabilitation is the hope and the game.  Al Sullivan writing in the role of Neville Chamberlain continues to push the Mason political operative theme of “peace” in our time but there’s no peace in Hoboken, only Mason family lawsuits across the entire Mile Square City with more than a dozen residents being SLAPPED.  In jeopardy at hand is the pending 2013 Hoboken budget.

Are you impressed with “the peace?”

Hoboken people remember this spontaneous embrace by Dr. Abbie Jacobs of Mayor Dawn Zimmer after the
Hoboken Soprano council members finally stood down from blocking an essential parking agreement with the sale of the hospital.
They also remember who tried to kill the 100 year old institution in a sale to the only possible bidder.
How much can Beth Mason’s family give to local charities to make everyone but local media allies forget?

The suck out noise coming out of Mason political operatives in the local media is the equivalent to the $100,000 polling and ten page spread in the NY Times toward Anthony Weiner’s rehabilitation.  Only it’s not as effective with the baggage Mason is carrying.  After all, sending out the junk in your trunk to women is at a minimum obnoxious but Anthony Weiner never tried to bankrupt anyone let alone a City and destroy a hospital and a 1,000 people’s livelihood for political gain.

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