Is Pupie unraveling on the Sewerage Authority?

The toilet may be ready to flush and it’s the Pupster who is on the bubble.
Initially with Frank Raia the strong favorite facing no opposition to reappointment on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority, there’s now multiple sources close to the City Council suggesting more than a hint of trouble for another five year term.
One source close to the City Council retreated from an earlier weekend position saying from the reform viewpoint, giving Frank “Pupie” Raia nothing is “a little bit dangerous” with both a mayoral and three at-large council seats up for election next year.
Then earlier today, the same source stated the effort to obtain votes to get Raia back on the Sewerage Authority were not there. “Despite best efforts, there’s no political capital (votes)” to get him in Wednesday night.
They did a full pivot highlighting a new potential “win-win” for Reform seeking commissioner Brian Assodurian slotted into Raia’s expiring five year seat and upstart Kurt Gardiner – who jumped in with two feet before letting any political official know his application was in – seeing a two year seat to back fill that term.
The only problem with this brave new world? Other sources close to the reform council team could not confirm what the other source is saying.
Another reliable source intimate to the council appointment offered without asking or hesitation on a so-called reform “win-win” flatly saying of the new scheme, “I don’t know it to be true.”
MSV was unable to confirm that Frank Raia was DOA for both the five year term and a two year term which would follow if NHSA commissioner Brian Assodurian is voted in on Wednesday night to a full five year term. (His current term expires in two years.)
So Hoboken is on standby as the drama continues to play out and Wednesday’s night resolution no. 4 awaits a name to be filled in to the NHSA five year term.
Meaning Kurt Gardiner continues to be the upstart underdog with Frank Raia twisting in the wind and both facing a possible mano-a-mano recommissioned battle in two weeks as the original “compromise plan” falls off the earth.
A five year reappointment appears less likely for the Pupster on the NHSA but
multiple sources close to the City Council appear unable to confirm he may be completely flushed.
If the current commissioner on the NHSA is shifted and approved for a five year term Wednesday night, a two year term will be up in the air likely for at least two weeks in February.
Pupie vs. Gardiner death match 2016? 
Talking Ed Note: Stay tuned, this very rocky ride ain’t over! MSV will be back with updates on this exclusive story. All we’ll add is poor Sully at the Hudson Reporter has not a clue of what’s going on and never bothered to speak to Kurt Gardiner. Will someone buy the poor guy a clue?
What’s clear to this murky point is a Pupie reappointment is being hindered by a Hoboken grass roots backlash which has been filtering up to the mayor and Hoboken City Council members.
The final verdict however is still very much in doubt. 
Hoboken – stay vigilant, act accordingly!

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