Interim Superintendent explains the move

Dear Citizens and Parents of Hoboken,
May I impose upon your time just a bit to follow up on one of the points made in my April 1st letter which was posted on the District’s Website.  With respect to our renowned drama and stage musicals, we wrote that there would be no changes in that program. We further stated that there would be no Reduction in Force (layoffs) as a result of the over $3 milllion in state aid reduction imposed on us by the Governor of the State.  On April 1st we also wrote that the drama program would continue with increased FISCAL RESPONSIBILTY, something we all as taxpaying citizens in any municipality. No where in any statements, written or otherwise from yours truly, was it ever stated that the director of the program was being “let go.” In order to avoid confusion and angst as we work together on behalf of our beautiful children, I beg each and every one of you to derive your information about the school district from our website ( or our Board of Education meetings (local Channel 77) or the posted agenda and minutes of the meetings.
In the budgeting regulations promulgated by the State of New Jersey is a phenomenon known as Position Control which requires us to administratively account for each teaching position as a TEACHING position. Our review in the budget preparation process revealed a few individuals who were on the teaching staff payroll but not assigned specifically as teachers. We corrected that by eliminating those positions, only the positions, not the people. The people, the drama director among them, have been reassigned to teaching positions. The administration shall be able to state specifically what these teaching positions shall entail as the master schedule for the fall and spring is developed. We are working on that massive task at the present time and shall continue for several months as we make final determinations on all teacher placements. Again, let me reiterate there is no reduction in force planned for the next school year.
So, let us move forward knowing that all is well with respect to the 2010-2011 Theater Season on the Hoboken High School Stage, as long as we receive no other surprises from Trenton, and the citizens accept the advertised spending plan as proposed by the Administration and approved by the Board of Education.
Sincerely yours,
Peter E. Carter
Interim Superintendent of Schools
Talking Ed Note: Hoboken is fortunate to at least have an interim superintendent who is looking out for the town overall and acting accordingly.  Of more importance for those who missed the last BoE meeting, Mr. Carter has restated his intent to perform a re-registration process to identify all students in the school district at a time of his choosing.  He expressed some strong concerns about the mischaracterizations by some in that area and challenged anyone to make a credible claim contrary in this regard.  As it is HIS responsibility, he saw the political demagoguery advanced by one campaign as an attack on his credibility.  Mr. Carter is right on both counts.  
Politics being what it is among certain corners in Hoboken, that issue has been mischaracterized and people should heed Mr. Carter’s comments on the matter as the BoE election winds down into the home stretch.  

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