Instant Replay Replay

Those aficionados of a better Hoboken government are making haste in time for the weekend’s viewing replay of the mayoral debate.  If you have a few minutes after watching, please take a closer look at the good work done on our behalf at People for Open Government.  Even better toss a few dollars or better still $25 for annual support.

While we’re out doing what we have to do, it’s good to know someone is watching the store.  Hit the link and don’t make Da Horsey beg for a carrot. Here’s their heads up:

Video broadcast should begin on Cablevision Ch78 at about 6:00 pm. The forum will be played in rotation with the last City Council and BOE meeting videos (BOE, Forum, CC, BOE, Forum, CC…etc).
Internet video should be available later today/tomorrow at: 
People for Open Government.

Update: POG’s online video is up.  You can watch the whole debate, or any combination of candidate and topic.  Perfect.  Enjoy!

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