Ines Garcia Keim in bizarre rant must resign for false and defamatory criminal accusations

Democratic Committee official Ines Garcia Keim makes false and defamatory 
criminal accusations against MSV; claims of stalking and bullying 
The feature here includes MSV analysis/opinion on issues of public concern in Hoboken with the upcoming Democratic committee election races set for June 6th between Mayor Zimmer’s Line E & The Russo Clan with Ines Garcia Keim on Line F.

Ines Garcia Keim (r) is the attempted shield for former councilwoman Beth Mason (c) in this 2012 photo during the Sandy emergency after  repeated assaults on this editor in broad daylight on Washington Street

The remnants of the loathsome Beth Mason crew are lingering in Hoboken like reruns of the Walking Dead. Since 2009, Mayor Dawn Zimmer has pushed Hoboken ahead through some of the foulest political operations seen in Hudson County history after defeating Beth Mason’s 2009 mayoral runs. Mason’s numerous political operatives with her never say die well-funded political operations against Hoboken, its residents and good governance slog zombie-like to the present.

The Hoboken public, victims of Masonista underhanded politics survived an attempt to subvert the 2011 Hoboken University Medical Center sale thereby bankrupting the City of Hoboken. Later the Hoboken public would learn of additional dangers when emails obtained in the Masonista backed frivolous lawsuit exposed their registrations on Hoboken411 handed out like candy to Mason political operatives.

Enter, the last of the Masonista zombie rejects and what some second ward residents say was a plan to see Beth Mason hand down her ward council seat after the latter’s climb to power. Beth Mason’s political career however spiraled down the toilet when the frivolous lawsuit against Hoboken residents led to sanctions issued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars pulverizing her political operatives (in Bajardi v Pincus) in the process and followed with Mason herself slinking away out of the public eye in shame.  The hoped hand off never happened to the everlasting bitterness of her long time lackey, Ines Garcia Keim.

On Thursday, Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher’s Facebook page saluted an up and coming Hoboken filmmaker, Frank Gigante’s film, “Breaking the Silence” about the rise of bullying and the dire impact on youth.

Ines Garcia Keim arrived whining about the illumination of her political activities in Hoboken in what she alleges is bullying. Keim, who seeks re-election to the Hoboken Democratic Committee next month complained the councilwoman voiced support for this website and in turn pointed to the almost five year frivolous litigation publicly supported by Beth Mason against this editor. Keim wrote:

“You are soliciting funds for the legal defense 
of one of the biggest bullies in Hoboken.”

– Ines Garcia Keim attacking this MSV editor in support of 
the five year frivolous lawsuit of Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi 
publicly supported by Beth Mason
Tiffanie Fisher who succeeded Beth Mason with her decisive 2015 election noted this editor among others are victims of a years long frivolous litigation in an earlier Facebook post. The councilwoman pointed to becoming a council candidate in part after becoming a MSV reader replying, “I see his site (MSV) as just one of many public sites that provide information about our community…”

Ines Garcia Keim lashed out responding with criminal accusations:

How does an elected official not understand the basics on public vs private persons and valid public issues of concern?

It’s one thing to be utterly clueless as an elected official unable to distinguish the difference between public issues, public people and private citizens but accusing someone of a crime; in this instance stalking and bullying, is a false and defamatory accusation and completely unacceptable.

Ines Garcia Keim didn’t stop there. She called the the First Amendment and the protections of political speech under the NJ Constitution a mere “guise.” For good measure, Keim further called long range photos taken for use in potential news stories “bullying at the very least.” 

Of course as one former head of the People for Open Government pushed back writing in an email of Hoboken411 where iron-fisted censorship is the norm, “that’s where Lane fries his eggs.” There’s never been any lamenting of the actual bullying there by Keim and her fellow Masonistas who were silent to the bullying and censorship where victims were prevented from replying.

As an elected official of the Hoboken Democratic Committee, even if it’s an election Keim can only win running unopposed as she is set to do next month after Beth Mason’s lawyer, Steve Kleinman  knocked off the ballot her opposition, Sheillah and Aaron Dallara in court for a late filing is one thing.

However, accusing this editor in a false light with a defamatory accusation of criminality by Keim, a failed City Council and Freeholder candidate, that’s quite another.

When pathological lying becomes a family affair

It didn’t end there. The Facebook comment thread would see over 70 comments with appearances by John Keim, Paul Keim, Grafix Avenger, Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher and eventually MSV.

John Keim weighed in to offer a fabricated defense of his fellow Masonista’s frivolous litigation against numerous Hoboken residents writing:

Well what’s one more lie when you’re urinating all over the First Amendment to support your frivolous litigant friends repeating the canard of “threats to their child” and calling the easily debunked fabrication “bullying?”

For the political lunatic fringe in Hoboken, repeating a lie crushed in court by Hudson Superior Court Judge Patrick J. Arre who issued sanctions of more than $276,000 against Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi for their frivolous litigation didn’t get through their zombie skulls. 

This editor highlighted the hoax of bullying a child responding with simple fact:

To the vapid lie John Keim offered of a threat to a kid, an offering on real world bullying is illustrated in multiple years of abuse of the courts against almost a dozen Hoboken residents oppressed with a very tangible and bullying frivolous litigation filed in July 2012.

More facts about the Masonista backed SLAPP-suit attempting to destroy the First Amendment in Hoboken followed:

John Keim and Ines Garcia Keim get a response to their Facebook lies and about their friends, Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi publicly backed by former councilwoman Beth Mason in the SLAPP-suit against
Hoboken residents

Political operation photographing City Council President Jen Giattino’s home after Hurricane Sandy witnessed

MSV has previously raised the question on Facebook to John and Ines Keim about the political operation where they were allegedly observed taking photos of the flood damaged home under repair of Council President Jen Giattino after Hurricane Sandy.

What political operation do you think the Masonistas had in mind? Hint: swiping a council seat using the courts.

Grafix Avenger showed up to emphasize the question on the political operative behavior against the Giattino family home vacated for repairs after Hurricane Sandy. She’d seen enough of the rank hypocrisy of lies and unloaded writing:

This immediately followed with Ines and John Keim heading for the hills as no answer was forthcoming. For good measure, Grafix Avenger pointed out the lack of response with additional background on the political doings in Hoboken of Ines and John Keim re: the suspect activities hosting the continuing political committee, “Friends of Beth Mason.”

Shadowy PAC “Real Democrats for Hoboken” and theft of MSV’s copyrighted photograph

There’s other problematic political activities more recent. In 2015, the illegal use of a copyrighted photo of Council President Jen Giattino from this website by the “Real Democrats for Hoboken” a PAC hosted at the address of…. wait for it… 

Ines and John Keim.

The use of the Jen Giattino photo seen below without authorization (or compensation) was part of a slimy series of fabrications in mailers against the City Council President in a last ditch bid to aid and abet one of the most noxious political pariahs in Hoboken: Carmelo Garcia.

Which part of the commandment “Thy shall not steal” isn’t clear?

At present, Carmelo Garcia is suing Hoboken taxpayers and the Hoboken Housing Authority in the third iteration of a lawsuit originally filed in 2013 many describe as frivolous. His suspect actions in the HHA as Executive Director are legendary and he’s been countered with a lawsuit by that agency after seeing terminated the remainder of his contract in August 2013. The orchestrated political protests in the City Council chambers almost led to a full-scale riot, deemed in the video seen here, “The Fracas.” 

This lying mailer, no. 4 in a last ditch effort to see the noxious Carmelo Garcia installed into a Hoboken council seat.
The photo of Jen Giattino was stolen from this website. Those behind that illicit action are seen in
the PAC”Real Democrats for Hoboken.”
 Real Hoboken Democrats are cringing.
Epilogue: The Masonista Lunatic Fringe Regurgitates Its Pathology of Lying
If you think any answers are forthcoming to any of these facts, you’re not familiar with the epic narcissism among the last of the Masonistas. After the factual responses to the phony bullying and criminal accusations, Ines Garcia Keim retreated to her Facebook page to honor herself again alleging she had been “bullied.”
You can’t make up this kind of lunacy up on the very same day:

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher however saw the comment and decided a little truth serum would follow Keim back to her Facebook page writing:

Ines Garcia Keim needs to resign not run for re-election unopposed for a seat on the Hoboken Democratic Committee. 

Her presence on the Hoboken Quality of Life Committee and Fund for a Better Waterfront is nothing short of a disgrace and a black mark on both those organizations.

Ines Garcia Keim’s presence on the Fund for a Better Waterfront is a reason some adamantly refuse to financially support that organization. Who can blame them?

Ines Garcia Keim needs to publicly apologize, issue a retraction for her false and defamatory accusations and resign from the Hoboken Democratic committee.

Any organization with any self-respect wouldn’t have as a member someone who betrayed them to the Hoboken political lunatic fringe as seen in the Bench SLAPPed SeriesHoboken Quality of Life Coalition betrayed.

The hilarity of the betrayal of QLC board members ends with Ines Garcia Keim sending their group’s private email exchange to the Masonista loons where she calls her colleagues there “a bunch of Kool-Aid drinkers” for Mayor Zimmer. 
Believe it or not, Ines Garcia Keim concludes the email claiming her standards are “too high.”

Talking Ed Note: On June 6th, registered voters in Hoboken will go vote in their respective primaries. 

Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s Democratic Committee will appear on Line E while the Russo Clan opposition will appear with Ines Garcia Keim on Line F

Please act accordingly.

Related: There’s no censorship on MSV and in 2010 John Keim submitted a guest piece published in its entirety. The article claimed Beth Mason and her family were victims of child stalking:

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