In Hoboken, skullduggery is a full time job

Update: Here is the actual language and details available on the funding of the robocall.
Although a developer could be responsible and have the money for this operation, the timing of it along with it’s attacks on certain council members suggests that it’s somehow attached to the Council of No, perhaps the monied member.  Anyway, MSV is leaving the original version up as well since google has no doubt gotten ahold and put it in the cache.

Da Horsey really doesn’t know who is responsible but if Beth Mason or Mike Russo want to help, we’ll be glad to do an update on this story.  Thanks Council members!

Yesterday the City Council had a budget workshop.  Added to the agenda was an item to begin the process for reviewing the Western Edge Redevelopment plan and have the proposal move to the Planning Board for review and additional revisions before it is then returned for the normal multi-step process back in the City Council.  Those steps would involve multiple opportunities for public input.

But someone had other ideas and decided to put out word it was a done deal.  A robocall push poll went out yesterday and made enough noise that one resident may have received it and come to the meeting believing it was the last opportunity to speak on the issue.

MSV received a complete audio copy of the robocall.  Da Horsey has no idea who could be responsible.  Do you?

That was some fast work pumping that propaganda out at light speed.  Congrats to whoever has that big a budget and resources on hand to execute it all in one day.

A big thank you to Hoboken’s Wiley Coyote who provided the audio for this story.  

Talking Ed Note: On the November 2nd special election front, there’s two hot stories on absentee ballots.  Yesterday Grafix Avenger posted an intriguing piece yesterday.

And today, Timothy J. Carroll of PolitickerNJ just posted a blowout story on the absentee ballot plans going on that could send some people to jail.  From the story:

“I think you’re not going to see 200 absentee ballots in the 4th Ward, or else somebody’s going to jail,” said another anonymous campaign supporter of Occhipinti, veteran of Hoboken elections.

A big horsey hat tip to Timothy Carroll and PolitickerNJ.  More on this to come.

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