In the heat of the night…

Sidney, you got this?

Or sometimes the early am. One could wince with the “anonymous” rantings over on Grafix Avenger and no one would say you’re out of order.

Is accusing an event cafe of illegally serving alcohol at private events fair comment?

That’s the musings among a select crowd that is less selective about ranting about such things and going overboard with the vodka and the baby water.

The weather is too nice and Passover and the Holy Week of Easter are upon us. There’s little desire to see an outbreak of villainy here. Horsey believes in free speech; it’s not an extreme position but basic First Amendment advocating will get you stifled with politically correct suppression laws and literal lashings in certain corners.

MSV sees the election season of declared and undeclared candidates and won’t be changing the comment policy here. Keep it simple and do unto others, blah blah blah. Advocating for a candidate or position is fine but be responsible and please do register with the third party software Intense Debate and make a “name” for yourself. For the thousands of readers week in and week out this is never a problem. Among a select group of commenters; there’s almost always an issue. The third party software system weeds most of this out.

Otherwise, comments are automatically moderated by the system and must be hoof approved; the horsey kind not the demonic version. Speaking of demonic, here’s the type of thing allowing the rampant use of “anonymous” or “guest” among the select devolves:

Actual commenter on Grafix Avenger

There certainly was a good crowd of people at Cadillac Cantina for Councilman Mike DeFusco’s fundraiser. Mayoral candidate Karen Nason was certainly in attendance. So was a Horse.

Did a retired Triple Crown wannabe farm animal imbibe without paying? You bet. This horse quaffed a few suds at the back bar and was entertained by one fine fellow in Jimmy Farina. Councilman Mike DeFusco was a fine host and warmly greeted a woe begotten critter at the door.

One might expect this horse wasn’t the only one in the room who didn’t pony up. The councilman has every right to allow local media and guests in without charge. Everyone pretty much surmised that one likely gatecrasher in Mister Carmelo didn’t pay the $300 entrance fee either.

If you find all this hysterical and nonsensical; join the crowd. This Horsey is departing for other pastures this week with the good weather and the good Lord calling out for repentance and salvation.

The election banter will restart soon enough. Good luck to all the candidates, announced, unannounced and those who will be defeated. For yours is the kingdom of losers.

Try not to be so sore about it.

For the more reasonably sane in the Mile Square, a Happy Passover and Blessed Easter to you.

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