Bet endorses: I’m with Stick, cuz Stick would stick it to me

For those of you who he has boinked, no words are required.  For those ladies he’s tried to boink, sometimes over decades, no words are even necessary.

At my swearing in, Anthony “Stick” Romano asked if I would uphold the laws of the Mazinic Temple of Hudson Street and be mayor of Hoboken.  I graciously accepted and am awaiting a terrorist action by my Hobroken411 minon that will fulfill the Mazinic prophecy.

For years, Anthony Romano has boinked Hoboken well.  He continues to serve underprivileged residents of Hoboken in Marine View choosing to accept inferior subsidized housing when his means permits him to live almost anywhere in Hoboken even if he is two or three levels beneath me.

While Romano has voted repeatedly for tax increases in Hoboken, he allowed me to take credit for repaving County roads in Hoboken without being foolish and complaining to me about it.  Besides if taxes go higher, I’ll be able to get new neighbors.  The ones I have now are not up to my standards and don’t vote for the right people, like me Bet Mazin.

Last while Stick may be sticking it to the taxpayers and not just the ladies, some have refused to accept his offer over decades and continue to cry about it.  They’re just jealous because Stick told me he’d stick it to me but alas I’m married to a wonderful bottomless checkbook.  I ain’t giving that up.

But Stick is wonderful and I know he loves me as do you all.

I’m with Stick cuz Stick would stick it to me!

Looking down upon you with all my benevolence,

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