I’m not with Tim

In the latest youtube political ad from Occhipinti for Council is a new ad titled, “Bringing it Home,” and Tim Occhipinti has a surprise guest.

This short ad concludes with Tim speaking to someone at the Jubilee Center.  That person is yours truly.  MSV has a clearly stated policy it does not endorse candidates.  Neither Tim, nor the Occhipinti for Council campaign approached MSV about the use of my likeness or image in a political ad on his behalf.

Occhipinti knows the basic rules of political ads but even if he doesn’t his campaign handlers do.  Yet they went ahead and flouted the law.  Again.

Got integrity?

My attorney Alex Booth, based in Union City and who represented me in the assault and theft at the April BoE forum against Lane Bajardi has issued this letter via fax to Jamie Cryan, Occhipinti Campaign Manager:

Violation Jamie Cryan Occhipinti

Really Tim, I understand you are not happy with the exposes here at MSV.  You claim you have integrity yet you violate the most basic rules of decency in a campaign.  You signed off on an obvious scheme of vote buying no matter what is said or concluded in the court case.  Everyone understands the core attack you and your campaign have signed off on against the fourth ward and all the people of Hoboken – as revealed in your latest NJ ELEC.

Last night on the way to cover a meet and greet at West End Station hosted by Mike Lenz and Mayor Dawn Zimmer, I passed by Occhipinti for Council headquarters.  A lot of the regulars were present: Matt and Nick Calicchio. Lane Bajardi, Councilman Mike Russo, campaign manager Jamie Cryan and also Assemblyman Reuben Ramos.

Jamie Cryan was given the heads up last night on the violation of their political ad.  He said it would be taken down.  As of 12:10 today, it hasn’t.  Jamie is your word good for anything?  

For the record, this isn’t even about which candidate is better for Hoboken and the fourth ward.  This is about a practice that needs to be stopped.  It needs to be stopped now and Hoboken needs to enter into the 21st century of American standardized voting practices not back to the 1950’s “On the Waterfront.”

Below is a screen shot from Tim Occhipinti’s political ad.  Can Tim look to the people in his family and say, aren’t you proud of me?  Tim is your father proud of what you are doing?

For the record, again, I’m not with Tim.

Yet another illegal operation, this time a political ad.

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