Illegal dual Sinatra e-Scooter riders lead to a crash and ambulance


Sunday afternoon, two men in their early twenties coasted by on a scooter designed for one. As they went by upper Hudson turning south on Sinatra Drive, they received an unsolicited warning.

“That’s dangerous and illegal,” a voice called out.

The taller man, a passenger, turned around and gave a smug stare.
“You could get a summons too,” came the audible response.
More smugness from the rear “passenger” on the e-scooter suffering abuse.

Not 20 yards down the roadway, the driver began to make erratic movements to and fro. Was it intentional or due to the uneven section of the road?

Then seconds later both were suddenly airborne then spinning face first to the asphalt. Splat!

The rear passenger was spread eagle in the middle of the roadway. Oncoming cars saw the brazen act of attempted Darwinian suicide and stopped.

Post-crash, the driver of an e-Scooter (r) gets up before he heads to the curb to sit back down.

The driver lay in a crumpled heap rolled over, got slowly to his feet and headed to the right wall. His passenger gathered himself from a prone position and joined him before returning to look for something.

Was it broken teeth? The scooter was pushed to the same side and more words echoed out, “Good job guys,” echoed off in the distance.

The two men fell to chattering among themselves as onlookers paused and stared. Then that familiar voice emerged minutes later asking if medical assistance was required. A smug answer from the taller passenger once again. Something curt about keep moving along.

Two women across the way near the pivot of Sinatra and Maxwell Dr. pointed out the driver of the scooter seemed unstable. He gripped the wall for a couple of minutes joined by his passenger friend who may have encouraged the stunt.

“You’re alright dude,” the taller “passenger” on the e-Scooter tells his friend who grips the wall. Apparently not.

“You’re alright dude,” he could be overheard saying. His friend didn’t echo the sentiment and walked over to the curb and sat down. He remained sitting for a minute and then tried to get up. The top portion of his shirt was now covered in blood, perhaps coming from his mouth.

The passenger friend assured him once again, he was alright. The driver didn’t appear convinced and once again moved to the curb and sat down between two parked cars a second time. This pattern repeated itself yet a third time.

One of the two women observers said maybe an ambulance needed to be called anyway. The voice said, “Perhaps they’ll take advice better from you.” The other woman said, “Hey ain’t you the Horsey?”

Not ten minutes later, an ambulance arrived stopping traffic and likely tending to at least one of the two illegal dual scooter riders who ignored warnings seconds before their serious crash.

The Lime e-scooter was reported in stable condition and ready to re-enter service.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla showing bad form and worse, a bad example on an e-Scooter.
He’s testing it without a helmet, setting a bad example for others.

Talking Ed Note: The e-Scooter program is a big hit but even with improved behavior; there remain problems with some people ignoring the rules and riding in tandem on devices engineered for only one person. What’s scarier is that there are some parents doing this with young children.

Others are illegally riding on the sidewalk. When told it’s clear they aren’t reading. They learn only enough to get going.

While a helmet is not required, it’s clearly advisable as on a bicycle. Hoboken e-Scooters will not be mocked.

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