If Truman gave them “hell” in Hoboken

“I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think
it’s hell.”
            President Harry
If Harry Truman wasn’t a midwestern take no guff kind of guy and found himself making noise in the political sphere of Hoboken, he’d be surprised how true his words applied today.
Hoboken has a unique mixture of narcissistic political
entitlement. Truth is often ignored or flatly condemned as
lies. The arrogance of some in the Old Guard repeatedly leads them down the
road of excess. Whether there’s an election in sight or not, it’s money and
power always lighting up their eyes and their decadent souls. You can’t convince them otherwise. 
The levers of
government are viewed as mere formality to enrichment, by hook or by crook. There’s no interest to discuss policy with you, earn your vote or support. They’d sooner see you ignorantly write a check asking why taxes are so high and retreat back into the solitude of your life than argue why. Are Hoboken taxpayers remotely aware Hudson County taxes are now the largest local government bill two years running? 
Who do you think has been holding the line here in Hoboken the last five years? The double digit decrease puts Hoboken in a select group of a handful in the entire state of over 500 municipalities.
When it comes to speech in Hoboken, there’s some well heeled people with a totalitarian streak a mile square large.
The democratization via “the internets” has driven them to crassly using the courts to level the playing field. 
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