I wanna be Da Mayor

When it comes to naming names of who wants the job of Hoboken mayor, there’s a healthy list with an even healthier amount of ego or is it hubris to go with the desire to occupy Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s seat on the second floor at City Hall.

As anyone vaguely aware of the local political scene can tell you, ambition is not enough and ambition plus oodles of cash to throw at the problem doesn’t equate to victory either.  Ask Councilwoman Beth Mason who has spent nearly seven figures (unofficially) since 2009 all in a vain attempt to get a job that pays less than 116K annually for four years.
Councilwoman Theresa Castellano has flirted with the idea of being mayor and said so publicly in 2009 but what people may not know is that her stringent opposition to Mayor Zimmer does not end with only seeing her out of office.  Her flirting with the idea in 2009 isn’t over with an eye on 2013.

While the list is long on who wants to occupy Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s chair, the divisions among those who are looking to unseat her are not altogether rosy.  Mustering the challenge may be half the battle with the FBI looming over Hoboken in 2012 having just paid a visit to Hudson County offices in Jersey City last week carting out computers less than a year after doing similarly last May in Hoboken.
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