Hurricane scenarios locked in, brace for Irene

Areas of evacuation in New Jersey have begun, and any hope Hoboken will not be hit hard have been plotted and speculated over by meteorologists over and over with little change.  We’re looking at a major event on par with 1985’s Hurricane Gloria.

The mayor has urged people who can leave town do so as Hoboken is likely to be seeing major flooding across most of the town with the west side of Clinton St. looking abysmal.

Garages are full, people need to get their cars out and off the roads.  While the mayor has advised people keep several gallons of water, you need more for utility purposes.  If power fails, toilets won’t work.  You’ll need water to refill your tanks manually.  Get that water and put it aside now.  Several days of food on hand is advisable.  Don’t count on your microwave doing the cooking for you.  This storm is going to tax all the utilities throughout the state.

Winds will be kicking up tomorrow and could run in the 70 mph area for a full half day even before torrential rains arrive.  Use good judgement and remove all items that can be blown.  Tying down objects may not be sufficient with this sustained fury.

Please check on neighbors, the elderly and those who are limited and ask them if they are ready and extend a hand to help.  If you want to do a solid for your community send the local police and fire some pizza as they are going to be absolutely taxed to the max.  They’ll certainly appreciate it.

All hands on deck.  Hoboken Police and Fire will be maxed out.  Send pizza!

Talking Ed Note:  This is going to be a test for our community.  Reach out and help someone.  No worries, Tim Occhipinti will send out a press release and take credit for your efforts later.  Yeah Timmy!

So are you getting out of Dodge or digging in?

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