Hurricane Sandy hits Hoboken and NJ hard

Hurricane Sandy is showing Hoboken it’s not been overestimated.  There’s major flooding in areas of town everywhere, including many not typically overwhelmed.  The river’s surge of almost double digit depths is making for dangerous conditions in places not usually flooded.

The heavy flooding is adding to the burdens of Hoboken Public Safety to reach areas in need of service.  They are using a combination of vehicles and boats.

The State of NJ has its hands full.  As of early this evening at least a million NJ residents were without power.  Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer has made a request for support from the National Guard.  As of midnight, it’s unclear when resources mobilized on the City’s behalf may appear.

PSE&G is in Hoboken moving from emergency to emergency dealing with gas leaks and power lines fallen in various locations.  Conditions will continue to be hazardous and the public should avoid walking pets outdoors.

The City curfew remains in effect until later this afternoon.

Hoboken City Hall has seen power interruptions limiting some of its communications to the public in late evening.  Da Horsey has continued to add reports in the interim.

Other neighboring areas report major power outages with West New York losing power completely, Weehawken with partial power and other Hudson County towns seeing outages as well.

Hoboken is seeing worse than the results from Hurricane Irene.  Morning will not be pretty.  Stay inside.

Talking Ed Note: Thank you to everyone in Hoboken Public Safety who is doing a great job facing the elements.  Hoboken volunteers and City officials will be working through the night with them.

Keep them in your prayers.

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