HUMC – the turnaround?

The true test of the Hoboken University Medical Center lies directly ahead starting with the first Board meeting tonight at 7:00.  After getting $7 million as an outgoing present from ex-Gov. Corzine before Christmas, they are now challenged to show they can make this institution work.

Since our town avoided the dagger to the eye at least for now, being $62 million on the hook in bonds in 2007, (thanks again to the Old Guard: Dave Roberts, Peter Cammarano, Mike Russo, Theresa Castellano and fellow council people) the challenge remains if HUMC executes their $12 million in annualized reductions in a faltering, staggering economy will change the tide and stave off red ink.

If anyone is interested, the meeting is in Assumption Hall, in the rear of the first floor at the main entrance on Willow Street.

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