Things that make you go HUH?

Here’s another clip from a former familiar councilman submitted by resident scholar, estevens on all matters good government: the Wile E Coyote himself – Eric Kurta. 

Sit back and enjoy the legend in his own mind, former Councilman and mayor Peter Cammarano play to the hospital employee stacked crowd.  He praises the hospital administration and decries criticism of its management.  This video is dated from just June 12 of last year.  Hard to believe ain’t it?

Hat tip: Eric Kurta.  Respeck!
Talking Ed Note:  the next meeting on HUH, the Hoboken University Hospital re: medical center will be next Tuesday onsite of the impending demolition. (Call us cynical but give it a year before you declare us wrong.)  We’ll update you as we get more details and yes, there’s more on this coming.  But not before “Grist for the Mill.”

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