Hudsonshark off the Mason payroll

With the smell of a Beth Mason paycheck in the Hudson or down in the lower depths of the sewer, Hudsonshark had been on hiatus since the election but has returned to take a few shots at MSV.

Hudsonshark was captured belly up rolling around like a lost catfish off Pier A.  Maybe Hudsonshark’s gills got clogged as he seems to be suffering from some confusion thinking it’s an election year.  He just kept saying over and over, “Beth pay me, not Paul.  I’ll make you mayor.”

Shark steak is now served.

Related: The Hudson Reporter has updated the Beth Mason series of accusations now with a PART 2.  And what do you know, the Maestro of her failed mayoral campaign in November, Paul Swibinski is back on the payroll issuing statements.  (They call him Phil but we know better.)

The Hudson Reporter must be really excited about these developments.  They’ve posted two stories on this in one day.  Hey, what are you trying to do over there, be a blog?  Way to go guys.

Update: A poster notes there really is a Phil Swibinski and he’s on the Beth Mason payroll too.  Well add in Paul and what do you have: the full Swibinski.

Graphic: Courtesy of Grafix Avenger

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