Hudson Reporter: Tim Occhipinti flipped on MORTe

In the crucial vote last Sunday night with the hospital not days but hours from running out of money, Councilman Tim Occhipinti made the move to change his vote and save the day for both the hospital and Hoboken – this according to a report by Al Sullivan in today’s Hudson Reporter.

The “Between the Lines” column has taken a lot of hits for its inaccuracies but MSV can confirm and wishes to give credit where due – on this one Al Sullivan got it right.  While this information reached us and could not be confirmed before the meeting, MSV did report the deal would pass based on high level hospital sources.
With all the chips on the line: 1200 hospital jobs, massive layoffs for Hoboken along with massive taxes sure to follow and Hoboken tattered beyond belief, Tim Occhipinti was the one who pulled the hospital and with it Hoboken away from the abyss and said to MORTe, “I’m out.”

It was that action which led to a desperate MORTe pushing the phony “deal” with Holdco.  The action was so desperately transparent, it was met with derision by the public at the Sunday meeting.

Al Sullivan correctly states that Tim Occhipinti was the one responsible for stepping up to save the hospital.

The move by Occhipinti against the Beth Russo hydra represents a major shift where the members of MORTe could not compel all of its members to stand fast and see through Hoboken’s destruction.  It’s unclear if Occhipinti held the line what MORTe would have in the end done.
During the discussion leading into the critical vote for the hospital, Tim Occhipinti acknowledged for the first time Holdco was contracted to keep the hospital open seven years.
At the last City Council meeting, MORTe voted down the parking refinance of the midtown garage.  This time Tim Occhipinti voted the measure down but this is a first of two votes and he did so after speaking about the benefit to Hoboken of lower interest rates.
A week from Monday, the City Council will hold a second and final vote on the $19 million refinance of the midtown garage.  It requires six votes for passage and the mayor stated if it fails the City will commence a layoff program  that becomes effective January 1.

With all the marbles in and the chips down, Tim Occhipinti finally went on his own for the benefit of Hoboken.
Talking Ed Note:  Give credit where credit’s due.  Tim Occhipinti stepped away from the MORTe insanity and did what was the simple and right thing for Hoboken.  If he hadn’t it’s not certain what MORTe would have tried to do.  Until Sunday they had voted down every single piece of legislation on the hospital put before them this year.

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