Hudson Reporter: Judge dismisses case with Ian Sacs and bus driver

According to a story by Ray Smith in the Hudson Reporter, the case against Hoboken Parking Director Ian Sacs and a bus driver of a Hop Bus has been dismissed.  
The case became a political football when a bus driver was alleged to have abandoned his Hop Bus, later recovered by the Sacs leading to a scuffle inside City Hall with the driver.  Sgt. Melissa Gigante reported she saw two men “interlocking” their arms.  
The Hudson Reporter picks up the story:

Sacs had come across a city bus that was parked but running with the keys still in it, according to a police report. He then drove the empty bus to the municipal garage. At City Hall, an altercation ensued between Sacs and the driver of the bus in which Sacs alleged that he was assaulted by the man, according to a report.

The driver’s personal keys were also on the key ring, which led to the municipal employee to file charges of harassment and theft.

Hoboken411 did a hatchet job on Ian Sacs who wrote a letter to local media outlets protesting the lies against him.  The notorious sewer dwelling website is known for its hit jobs and iron handed censorship against anyone who is not a supporter of Councilwoman Beth Mason.  Its political coverage has been practically dormant since the FBI visited Hoboken late May and its well known ghostwriting minion who is not paid for Beth Mason’s friendship, MIA.

Director Ian Sacs – a proven win for Hoboken, wins in court 
Talking Ed Note: Ian Sacs has made huge contributions to Hoboken since he took over from his predecessor, an alleged criminal who took off with almost a million dollars in quarters working with a mob connected arcade firm in south Jersey.  He’s succeeded even with the abuse he’s faced by Councilman Michael Russo on many occasions at City Council meetings.
Councilman Russo had previously attempted to convince the public the missing million in quarters was a “mistake in” his “calculations.”  It was then shown otherwise, a true million dollar heist.
Currently Director Sacs is leading an installation of a new parking meter system anticipated to add millions in new revenue to the City.

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