The Hudson Reporter – judge and prosecutor agree: Beth Mason employees Matt Calicchio and Tania Garcia are liars!

Hudson Reporter story revelation: the judge believes BoE’s Theresa Minutillo

The Hudson Reporter released its weekend edition confirming the stories reported on both Grafix Avenger and MSV, Matt Calicchio and Tania Garcia – both admitted employees of Councilwoman Beth Mason’s “Civic” League – lied on the stand and perjured themselves in a Union City courtroom last week.

Beth Mason: I have two employees on my payroll who will perjure themselves in court for me and my “dirty” politics.
Is that transparent enough for you?

The Hudson Reporter did get the real story but left out perhaps the more colorful quotes from the judge.  Among the additional facts/quotes in the story:

  • Judge Sixto Macias believed the complainant BoE trustee Theresa Minutillo
  • Prosecutor James Covielo, “There are people who took the stand and lied.”
  • Both the judge and prosecutor declare Mason employees Matt Calicchio and Tania Garcia lied
  • Prosecutor Coviello: “This is dirty Hudson County politics” (Thank you Beth!)
  • Judge Macias: “People openly lied (here) which is worse than a harassment charge.
  • Mason attorney DiNardo claimed to have issued a subpoena to Grafix Avenger
  • Judge to Minutillo: (Unfortunately) you’re a public figure.
  • Even as both the prosecutor and judge view Calicchio and Garcia as clearly lying on the witness stand, the State will not pursue perjury charges against them.

The more colorful quotes of the judge don’t appear in the Hudson Reporter but at least the basics are there.  Sadly, they don’t mention a key aspect and the word “bullying” isn’t mentioned anywhere.

Beth Mason, her hired gun attorney Elise Dinardo hid from their phones and Matt Calicchio refused comment.

MSV will probe further into other comments from the court.

Talking Ed Note: Mason political operatives are already attacking Theresa Minutillo in the vilest ways.  Well the truth doesn’t matter to them and Mason paid political operatives sticking up for their colleagues shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Beth Mason as usual hides when the truth of her actions comes to light.  She paid a small fortune trying to bury the case when months ago her uncivil league employee could have signed off on leaving Theresa Minutillo and her young daughter alone.

Mason wanted her pound of flesh and paid a small army to get it.

How do you like the taste now Ms. Mason?

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