Hudson Reporter clarifies letter submittal policy

From the editors of the Hudson Reporter:

Thanks for the post.  Since we’ve occasionally heard from people over the years who said they sent us a letter and never got a response, a clarification is in order.  Any time we get a letter, we respond within a few days by e-mail or phone, depending on what day the letter comes in.  Even with a letter that would have to be held for space or for fact-checking, we always respond quickly to confirm authorship.  So if you didn’t hear back that same week, call us to find out why.  

Sometimes when someone called to follow up, we’ve found out that their letter automatically went to a spam folder and got overlooked, or sometimes the person e-mailed it to an incorrect address (like, which is wrong) and we never actually got it.  If you call, we can solve the problem.  Anyone who has read our page can see that we’ve always allowed all sorts of competing viewpoints and want to encourage more.  Letters must be under 500 words and conform to other similar guidelines (see our page).  Thanks for letting us respond!  Anyone who has any questions at all about letters or anything else about editorial policy can e-mail Caren Matzner or Gene Ritchings at or call 201-798-7800 – we’re very easy to reach with questions about anything at all.  Keep up the good work.

The editors

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