Hudson Reporter called out by Councilman Dave Mello at council meeting

Councilman Dave Mello calls out the Hudson Reporter right during the council meeting last night for recent false assertions 

The Hudson Reporter continued to take it on the chin after Mayor Dawn Zimmer laced them with an official public statement she would remain mayor at least through December 2017 yesterday. The statement strongly hints she is eyeing a third term.

Last weekend’s “Between the Lines” column pumped out the misinformation and has been on a roll of sorts, sadly not in a good way. While some may think it’s part of a misinformation campaign (it is), others are wondering if there’s any kernel of truth to the rumormongering continuously pumped out Hoboken411 style for weeks now going back to last December.

Councilman Dave Mello is befuddled by seeing his name circulated incorrectly without so much as a phone call from anyone at the Hudson Reporter on its “facts” attributed to him had enough. Last night he publicly called out the weekly right during the City Council meeting reading his phone number into the record for its reporter in attendance to share with their staff.

Councilman Dave Mello seen here in early 2014 being sworn-in by City Clerk Jimmy Farina with his family and
Mayor Dawn Zimmer looking on offered the Hudson Reporter his phone number last night.
He did so right during the City Council meeting after frustration seeing incorrect, completely false
actions attributed to him.

Unfortunately, political columnist Al “Sully” Sullivan looks like he’s being spun down the rabbit hole and he’s being badly burned. It appears the same sources are loading up at his expense and it’s being regurgitated to readers without enough background on motives and what MSV described as a closed feedback loop from Hoboken to Trenton and back.

Last weekend’s column falsely said Dave Mello “spoke out against the Kids First Board of Education ticket.” Sources close to the at-large councilman state the record is clear and the councilman has never come out against any Kids First Ticket.

The same sources insist the Hudson Reporter is incorrect on the basis of the charge as Kids First didn’t run a ticket in last November’s 2014 BoE race. They did come out and back Wallace school parents on a new ticket, Parents for Progress which got a late endorsement from Mayor Zimmer and deftly dealt an inside straight and took two of three seats.

Also, “Between the lines” says Mayor Zimmer won re-election in 2012 but it was actually November 2013. She easily won a three way race garnering more than 47% of the vote. (MSV notes if you eliminate the questionable Vote by Mail votes in the Hoboken Housing Authority, the mayor is clearly in the 50% ballpark.)

Mayor Zimmer clearly expanded her base of support from 42% she received in 2009. This is not shrinking support; this is clearly an increase even with the turnover of many supporters who moved out of Hoboken.

So why is the Hudson Reporter and some disgruntled voices so eager to lay wished turmoil at the mayor’s door?

Reform finally made its mark with a big success in May 2009 when all three at-large council members: Dave Mello, Ravi Bhalla and Carol Marsh were swept into office under then mayoral candidate Dawn Zimmer.

Fourth ward councilwoman Dawn Zimmer lost the mayoral race in a nail biter to Peter Cammarano but she was promptly elected City Council President by her reform colleagues, joined by Councilman Peter Cunningham. When the FBI came and arrested Cammarano for taking $25,000 in bribes for zoning variances, Dawn Zimmer became acting mayor. She then followed with a resounding victory beating Beth Mason (again) among others in the November winner take all mayoral election.

In November 2013, Mayor Dawn Zimmer cruised to victory again leading her at-large council ticket to a reform sweep.

Talking Ed Note: Recalibration time once again for the Old Guard, best to look for another strategy. Reform and its titular head in Mayor Dawn Zimmer with a working council majority have no plans of going anywhere. Inducing resignation, suicide and fratricide is simply not tenable.

There’s much work to making Hoboken better. Hoboken people have a direct role in that process each step of the way. Get over it.

Up the Republic!

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