Hudson Reporter begins hard slog walking back rumormongering Mayor Zimmer is resigning

Hudson Reporter attempts to walk back months long rumormongering after definitive statement issued by Mayor Zimmer she’s here “at least through December 2017”

After almost two months of consistent rumormongering Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer is resigning, the Hudson Reporter has begun the hard slog of walking back the unsubstantiated rumor.

In its political column, “Between the Lines,” the long hard march was in retreat and an effort made getting to some truth surrounding the mayor and Hoboken public issues. First, the column correctly noted there was a recent meeting between the mayor and powerful State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack.

This was confirmed when a question originally posed was not denied leading to the story: “Carmelo is Toast.” That  meeting discussed who is to replace the eternally issues plagued Carmelo “The Wire” Garcia who even with a full year left on his two year 33rd Assembly term has worn out his welcome.

The column quotes indirectly Garcia saying he’s “in tight with Brian,” but no one’s buying any of it as the Office of Inspector General continues working with the FBI investigating how millions of dollars were illicitly spent in the Hoboken Housing Authority under Mister Carmelo’s reign. MSV exclusively reported those problems in July revealing lengthy audited spending abuses. (That story and the ensuing details went unreported elsewhere.)

State Senator Brian Stack can’t get away soon enough from the fast talking, finger pointing ethic cleanser. Chris Campos is fancifully mentioned as an alternative but does he even reside in the 33rd district? Last heard, Campos doesn’t live anywhere in let alone near Hoboken. The column correctly notes the position will go to a Hispanic candidate after MSV reported just that last week indicating a woman may qualify with agreement of both mayors.

Reigning in the months long speculation about Mayor Zimmer resigning but never saying why, the Hudson Reporter column retracted its earlier insistence the recent resignation of the mayor’s Chief of Staff was any factor in its repeated month long rumors.

There was no citywide panic caused by the departure of five year Chief of Staff Dan Bryan and certainly any insistence it did so among Hoboken reform elements was pure myth.

With the upcoming six ward elections this November, the wishful thinking Mayor Zimmer would resign was as believable as part of the original rumor connected to it she was being arrested last December. MSV has noted the circuitous feedback loop in Old Guard circles and some disgruntled others who put that charge into fantasy desires on a regular basis. The Hudson Reporter unfortunately found itself burned by its limited “sources” by both in less than stellar political operations.

Hey Al, next time someone passes off a wild rumor ask them why they are holding a hatchet in one hand while whispering to you through the other.

The Hudson Reporter is walking back its months long anti-Zimmer rumormongering the mayor is resigning. It didn’t mention the mayor’s statement she’s staying in the job “at least through December 2017,” Hey, it’s a start.

Unrelated: Are there far bigger retractions in the offing at the Hudson Reporter?

Talking Ed Note: If the Hudson Reporter wants to spare some more wasted column inches and save a tree or two; it can stop talking about reform council members not running again in the ward elections. That wishful thinking isn’t happening either.

Already Hoboken’s reform electorate is stirring with the prospect of former City Council President Jen Giattino taking on Carmelo Garcia in the sixth ward. Of course for that November showdown to occur, Mister Carmelo has to avoid arrest by the Feds. Place your bets at the window, it’s almost post time.

MSV originally reported that theoretical sixth ward match-up in MSV Premium last December.

As for the second ward, Beth Mason’s going to be making news again whether the Hudson Reporter wants to tell the (full) story or not.

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