Hudson Reporter approves then fails to print Reform letter

The following letter was submitted to the Hudson Reporter Monday and confirmed twice by their staff but did not appear in the paper this weekend.  MSV reprints the letter as originally submitted by Jake Stuiver.

Dear Editor:
I am writing to express my strong support for the reform slate of City Council candidates in this Tuesday’s election – Peter Cunningham for re-election in the 5th Ward, Rami Pinchevsky in my home of the 4th Ward, Eric Kurta in the 1st Ward, Tom Greaney in the 2nd Ward, Greg Lincoln in the 3rd Ward and Jen Giattino in the 6th Ward.
There are countless reasons I believe each of these outstanding individuals to be the best candidates for these Council seats, not least among them being that they consistently operate on the right side of the law, and would adhere to the letter of the law as a City Council.
I have known Councilman Cunningham for nearly eight years and have worked side-by-side with him through many campaigns and grassroots initiatives to bring positive change to Hoboken. Seeing him win a council seat four years ago and then watching him go on to apply his knowledge, experience, skill and compassion to his office has been an inspiration. I particularly applaud his leadership on routing out corruption in the Parking Utility that had caused the theft of $1 million in quarters under the leadership of the past, as well as his aggressive stance in fighting this latest round of exposed corruption, his fine stewardship during his year as Council President that helped smooth out a tumultuous period in our community, and his active engagement with his constituents on neighborhood issues.
Rami is a passionate, energetic young man who has worked hard on open-space and park-creation issues in our ward and has the right disposition to be a councilman, consistently displaying an ability to maintain his composure and show the same respect to those who disagree with him as well as his supporters. He will remember his promises and remain in his self-owned home after the election is over, not move to a developer-supporter’s apartment, and do everything he can to expose and penalize corruption to the fullest extent of his authority.
Eric Kurta has worked for the betterment of Hoboken for decades and will represent all of his constituents with equal vigor and enthusiasm. Tom Greaney is an ethical man who will obey all laws, engage and identify with his constituents and remain true to the reform principles on which he is campaigning. Greg Lincoln is one of the most principled and sincere people I know and will bring honesty and integrity to the 3rd Ward seat.  Jen Giattino will actively immerse herself in the needs of the 6th Ward and cast her Council votes accordingly.
All of these individuals are truly outstanding candidates who will make outstanding councilpeople, and will work with Mayor Zimmer to continue the progress toward true reform and governmental excellence. Please come out and vote on Tuesday, and vote for the reform candidate in your ward. Elections have consequences, and this one will make a huge difference in the fight to lower taxes, improve our quality of life and end corruption.
Thank you.

Jake Stuiver

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