The Hudson Reporter and Beth Mason: more ‘splaining to do

The expected showdown in Union City Municipal Court last week where a BoE trustee would face down a Beth Mason political operative in a trial after over six months of hearings finally will be heard June 7th.  That only scratches the surface of what’s transpired.

The trial where harassment charges by one elected official against the political operative of another has been ignored for months in town even as MSV has dropped hints for quite some time before finally writing an exclusive back in late April.

At the court last week, the Hudson Reporter noted in its weekend story some people in attendance connected to BoE trustee Theresa Minutillo while missing a host of people backing Mason operative Matt Calicchio if not with emotional support, compensation for their time as in dollars for donuts.  Almost all of them if not every single one is being compensated with currency from one familiar Hudson street residence.

Calicchio as a Marshall Drive based HHA resident certainly doesn’t have the means to cover months of court costs with a high profile attorney but oddly has declined to sign a “no contact” order to leave Minutillo and her young daughter alone.  Doing so would have ended the matter months ago with no publicity on the case whatsoever.

Clearly Beth Mason fears it will come back to her but that’s a moot point now. It has. She’s been all in to see her political operative walk away from the charges with nothing sticking, of course in doing so she fails to see the moral imperative of her hired underling’s alleged actions.

“Not Perry” at the last City Council meeting was so bored by Tim Occhipinti droning on he fell asleep.  He was snoring so loud, the whole side of the room was laughing until Council President Ravi Bhalla hit the gavel and finally woke him up.

Tallying the Mason players, there were four possibly five people in court last week on the Beth Mason payroll. Among them:

  • a videographer who we’ve penned as Stalker Tim for his hanging around the mayor’s home after an abbreviated Council meeting, 
  • a man who provides direction to the videographer who has been pegged as ‘Not Perry’ by Grafix Avenger, 
  • attorney Elise DiNardo, the Jersey City based lawyer who has been defending Matt Calicchio who certainly can’t be paying the tab on his Mason $400 weekly salary
  • Tanya Garcia who was reported by Grafix Avenger to have worked for Beth Mason at her civic association at 12th and Washington.  Her name appeared on an obvious political letter in the Hudson Reporter thanking Mason and MORTe in their bogus claim of givebacks to save the hospital. Witness testimony = perjury?
  • of course there’s the defendant himself Matt Calicchio.
So with this group almost to a person getting paid to witness a favorable result, what possible chance does Theresa Minutillo and her little girl have?  
Well that all depends on the Union City prosecutor and they certainly are heavily weighed down with case after case to handle in the densely populated Hudson County town.  There’s additional word there may be a relationship with the Mason retained lawyer and officers of the court – the deck may be stacked pardon the pun.
Matt Calicchio political operative for all Mason seasons heading back after walking his boss to a car during the Valentine’s BoE meeting.  Mason left soon after making remarks but Calicchio returned downstairs for more of the meeting.
Talking Ed Note: Did the original Hudson Reporter cover story include some if not all of the Mason people in the Union City court last week?  Or like the story discussing James FinBoy© Barracato, were all references to Beth Mason eliminated to keep a major ad buyer happy?
MSV would love to know but we don’t expect the Hudson Reporter to answer.  
Either way there’s some ‘splaining to do.

Related: Grafix Avenger goes deeper on the Mason-FinBoy© relationship of expectation with the Hudson Reporter on the other half of the “journalistic” ledger.

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