A Hudson Tea resident comes out of the cold: Battles Mason flyer distribution outside Tea Building

The following report comes from an individual Hoboken citizen/Hudson Tea Building resident and MSV reader.  Please note this is an individual account and does not represent the Hoboken RPW group, just one personal account.  

The Hoboken Residents for a Public Waterfront ( ) group held a meeting on Tues 1/17 in the Hudson Tea Community room in advance of the County Planning Board meeting on Wed.  Approximately 10 citizens attended (most, if not all, were Hudson Tea Residents) as well as Beth Mason and Freeholder Romano (both were surprise guests).

Long meeting, 2+ hours, much was discussed about the status of petition drive led by one Hudson Tea Resident.  Little actionable content came from Mason or Romano, a lot of pontificating and deflection in my opinion, more than once attempting to lay blame at the mayor’s feet.  Mason spoke about the need for the group to hire a planner to evaluate the plans and press the case that the developer will need variances from the planning board given the PUD agreement (in full disclosure, I only vaguely understand the dynamics of the planning/development process from a legal perspective).

Another note…
Earlier that evening (evening rush), there was a gentleman handing out flyers directly in front of the 1500 Washington St entrance of the HTB (see enclosed).  I began to chat with this gentleman and asked him to leave (I’m not a fan strangers hanging out in front of my home) and simply cross the street, he very politely and calmly refused.
Why? “Because Beth Mason told me to hand out these flyers”

Me: “Beth Mason doesn’t live here.”
Gentleman: “C’mon man I’m just trying to make a couple bucks, you know”
Me: “Please just cross the street”
Gentleman: “You’ll have to talk to Beth, here’s her number”
Me:  “No, let’s call her now”
<he dials her number, hands the phone to me>
Me:  “No, you set it up”

He speaks to someone, not Beth, and asks me my name

Me:  “A Hudson Tea resident”
<Person on the phone says I can call Beth at ###.####>
We continue back and forth for a couple minutes, me asking him to leave, he politely refusing because Beth told him to be here, blah, blah, blah.  The guy was not a jerk even as I grew more frustrated.  But what I took from the back and forth was that he was VERY specifically told not to budge (even under the threat of calling the police, which I did, but did not follow up)…He kept coming back to “Beth told me to hand these out”
Balls man, this take a lot of balls…total disrespect and lack of concern for citizens, property owners, taxpayers, voters, etc.

The Beth Mason flyer – what is she running for again?  Is “Develop or Die” dead or just for now?

Talking Ed Note: The organization Hoboken Residents for a Public Waterfront asked MSV to specifically note that in the battle against the Monarch Project, the group does appreciate Beth Mason’s help. 

January 19, 2011

Hudson County Planning Board Thursday, unconfirmed report on the Monarch Project

GuestSpeaker commenting on the Hudson County Planning Board meeting Thursday on the Monarch Project wrote:

Horsey – You are correct. Mason was at the Hudson County Planning Board meeting last night. 

When it was her turn to speak she grandstanded for the better part of a ½ hour. This cost valuable time and resulted in many residents not being able to speak. She argued that the County Planning Board should table the matter because the Hoboken Planning Board had not yet ruled on it. But her argument was specious, circular and convoluted. She wound up confusing some of the Planning Board Members. This resulted in the Planning Board calling upon its Counsel to clarify to Mason what the law was – that the County Planning Board is independent of the Hoboken Planning Board and had full jurisdiction to render a verdict on matters relating to traffic and sewage as pertaining to County roads and property. Despite Counsel’s explanation she continued to grandstand. In the end she did receive an ovation. But this was more likely out of a show of unity for anyone speaking against the Monarch as opposed to anything valuable she had to add to the conversation. Furthermore, she bristled at the Planning Board’s Demands that she be required to take the Oath “to swear to tell the truth, the whole truth.” Some people in the room found that funny. 

Sorry I know this is a long narrative. I was at the planning board that night and am a direct witness. I’d be happy to share more if you want but I rarely blog so I don’t know if you would be interested in learning more about the event. I’d also like to hear what others had to say. 

The northeast corner of Hoboken targeted by Applied Development
for the Monarch Project

Talking Ed Note:  This is an unconfirmed report.  Guestspeaker, please feel free to add to this first hand account and include an email for confirmation purposes to 

Da Horsey

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