Hudson County Democratic Organization to take legal action against Hoboken Democratic Committee?

In an unexpected bit of breaking news Friday, the Hudson County View sat down with Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher and walked into one.

During the interview, the topic of the Hoboken Democratic Committee action last Monday arose and the councilwoman casually mentioned she had been approached by the Hudson County Democratic Organization and several of their lawyers who saw the action taken in Hoboken to remove and install a new chair as both problematic and illegal.

Fisher relayed she’s not seeking the action saying it will be up to them. Officials at the HCDO however, may file a legal complaint viewing the procedure taken as improper and illegal. The possible impact of similar administrative actions in the county and statewide is viewed by the HCDO as beyond concerning.

Fisher shared the legal findings with the local Democratic Committee but after reaching a quorum, they followed through with a months long game plan to make the changes and see Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s efforts to seize control over the group through his political operative proxies.

Other topics include the brewing Hudson County feud over the county committee and County Executive position held by Tom DeGise, the Union Dry Dock situation and Rebuild by Design.

Talking Ed Note: Notably missing from the Q&A is the continuing controversy over Ravi Bhalla’s contract with a NJ politically connected Republican law firm Lavery, Selvaggi, Abromitis & Cohen. The issue continues to resonate with the Hoboken public who is more than a trite unhappy about the broken promise Bhalla made to focus on Hoboken as his solitary job.

The so-called Ravi Bhalla “employment contract” reeks of Soprano State political entitlement with its fat untapped commission plan.

Who knows how many deals Ravi Bhalla is cutting with this Republican law firm? The questions are not going away nor the conflict of interest with the Corporation Counsel who is deemed the overseer over Ravi Bhalla’s second job but who was also a political contributor to Bhalla’s mayoral campaign.

Conflicts over conflict baked on a conflicted oven. Quite the cake baked.

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