HudCo power, taxes and a power plant for you

Hey, anyone see Ravi Bhalla? Has he gotten back from his latest fundraiser with Uncle Nick?

Mayor Ravi Bhalla hailed the release of his mini Sandy Ocasio-Cortez-Castro green plan last week. Intended to appeal to the crunchy granola crowd, it lacked the pizzaz some among the Hoboken public expected.

In the Facebook release it states:
“our municipal operations no longer depend on fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum that produce substantial greenhouse gas emissions and wreak havoc on our environment.”

So what is Mayor Ravi Bhalla doing about the North Bergen Power Plant?


As MSV exclusively reported, Councilman Jim Doyle prepared a resolution for the City Council last October against the North Bergen Power Plant. Ravi Bhalla yanked the resolution off the agenda and then attended a ball for North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco.

One Hoboken resident inquired about Councilman Jim Doyle’s resolution against the North Bergen Power Plant slated to provide electricity to New York City writing:

“And we need the Hoboken City Council to vote against this Plant as well. They were supposed to multiple times, but each time removed it from the agenda. What’s the hold up???”

No one’s seen or heard a peep out of Jim Doyle’s resolution since. One can assume Emily Jabbour will not be promoting or sponsoring that resolution now either.

On Ravi Bhalla’s facebook page, the issue has been raised several times. He must be to busy counting the money from a fundraiser where Uncle Nick’s top political operative, Joey “the Nose” Munoz aided the effort by having the Bhalla fundraiser sent out near and far to Uncle Nick’s Hudco pals.

CBS covered the issue after the Jim Doyle resolution disappeared into the ether of another HudCo – Ravi Bhalla deal.

Talking Ed Note: Hudson County which has rocketed in recent years to the highest portion of Hoboken taxpayers’ annual bill is sure to hit the Mile Square City again this year. Don’t expect Ravi Bhalla to do anything about that as he has his own budget deficit to contend with as exclusively reported yesterday.

There’s not been any “political action” on any of this by Ravi Bhalla. Back room deals are too good!

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