Hudco never sleeps….

A lame duck Governor Corzine may be hitting the exit door days away after being sent into political retirement by the New Jersey voters, but it doesn’t mean a few more bad deeds can’t be done before he does.

Just yesterday, the Star Ledger reported on the “distressed cities” monies distribution.  Of the $121 million, Hudson County’s take was $25 million: 11 glazed donuts for Union City and 14 extra sweet macaroons for Jersey City.  Gov-elect Chris Christie noted the state is facing a problem meeting state worker payroll just around the corner in March.  He mentioned this while criticizing the lame duck Gov. Corzine for “shoveling money out the door in the eleventh hour” adding –

“Seriously, there’s eight days left. Can he please keep his hand out of the cash register for the last eight days?” Christie said. “We’re in a situation now where we are going to be unable to meet payroll in March. He’s now taken $44 million more off of the payroll of state workers for March. That’s what he’s done. He’s put us $44 million closer to insolvency. Now, I guess since he’s leaving office he doesn’t care. But it is my job to care.”

Hoboken Now reported on another late lame duck action by the outgoing Gov. Corzine today as well.  Maurice Fitzgibbons, a long time figure on the Hudco scene was named to a three year term to serve on the New Jersey State Council on the Arts (NJSCA).

The Soprano state may be going down the toilet but you have to admire its style.  Even with the once mighty state deficit moving almost daily beyond the 7-8 billion MSV has been stating, it lifts its tentacles again to serve the Machine.

But we do have some news from the opposition too.  The Gov-elect named former Jersey City mayor Brett Schundler to head the state Department of Education.  This promises to launch a battle royale taking on the mighty teachers union on behalf of parents.  The Cartel will be fighting for every administrator, 100K janitor, etc. with all its might and they will have the continuing support of Trenton behind them.  Merit pay and accountability, even on a minimal basis is becoming part of the accepted dialogue and even promoted by inner city leaders but the teacher’s union vows to fight it.

The gravy train is coming to a halt whether by a red stop signal or going off the rails.  Now it’s just a questions of what comes next.  Prepare yourselves for a big political campaign as you will be hearing about why Gov. Christie hates seniors, children and of course puppies.  A lot.

Related: Veteran political strategist Bill Pascoe adds more light on the Brett Schundler nomination.  It’s an interesting take.

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