HudCo & Hoboken: Political operatives, money and vampiric overexposure

Hoboken plows through a chilled March election journey to November as political operatives near and far seek to swoop down on the Mile Square carcass eager to pick at its flesh and bones.

Call it tradition.

Unfortunately, the vampiric bloodsuckers muffed their landing, arriving prematurely and exposing themselves to the sunlight.

In any local primer, illumination on political operative activities in the dead of winter on the path to a November election makes no chapter titled, “The time is nigh.” Attempts to cajole, threaten and bluff to the sidelines Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano and clear a path for the junior councilman Mike DeFusco have miserably failed.

Romano moves to a dance of the flowers of his own making. He’s having far too much fun partying in the political swampland, quicksand to most in the Mile Square City and the larger confines of Hudson County.

Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano ponders the future (r) as behind him Councilman Michael Russo intimately confers with Lane Bajardi and his full plate at a political party some years back. For Hoboken, the party’s just beginning. 
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