HUD: HHA must pay back illicit overpayment to Carmelo Garcia of $95

This report comes courtesy of the Hudson County View:

Why does HUD want a $95 reimbursement from the Hoboken Housing Authority? 

Consistent with federal law, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) wants the Hoboken Housing Authority to reimburse them the $95 they overpaid former executive director Carmelo Garcia in 2014.

“Is this specifically an audit of our executive compensation,” HHA Commissioner David Denning asked Executive Director Marc Recko – who was hired in September.

 “They’re [HUD] doing this to all housing authorities,” Recko responded.

For the complete story, please see the Hudson County View:

Talking Ed Note: What this small $95 charge means is that Carmelo Garcia’s contract at the time of termination in 2014 was illegal. Every single dollar paid to him if he had stayed on for the balance of 2014 through December 31st would be an illegal payment.

The HHA already financially torn apart under incompetent and at best, questionable mangement practices would have been put further in the red for tens of thousands of dollars.

Who do you think would be paying that money back to the federal government: the HHA or Mister Carmelo?

Of course, if Carmelo Garcia knew he would never tell anyone. He likes when the money goes into his pocket. He’d argue about what’s legal and his civil rights and if necessary sue anyone who comes to collect on the bill.

MSV welcomes an explanation from Carmelo Garcia but he’s been unavailable for comment since his Chief of Staff Chris Campos was arrested in March for bank and wire fraud in a million dollar auto loan scheme 

Imagine that.

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